New at coding- basic entering the screen nightmare

So I am new to coding but I am pretty sure I am doing this right or somewhat right at least.
My issue is, no matter what I do I cannot get the characters to enter the screen.

I use:

@NAME enters from left to screen right

I can’t even get them to randomly pop up in the screen. I thought maybe I didn’t choose full character display so … I started ALL over on the story. I was careful to choose full character display. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

I included a screen shot with random enter codes with my characters to show how it looks. It says also the error message on the side which I am sure… is what I typed.

Even though I redid the whole story and made sure to click everything, it still comes up.!
I would really appreciate any help at this point. I am sure it’s something simple I am missing haha

I can’t view the screenshot :pensive:

Oh man… I used the upload thing on here… does this work?

Yes, it’s working now :grin:

Capitalize the names of your characters, it might work :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh man… I must need more coffee… thank you. I’ll have to remember it is sensitive to every detail. It worked lol

Glad I could help :grin:

When your story is out I’d like to read it :slightly_smiling_face: