New author and I need some help



Hi! I am a brand new writer on Episode. I am totally in love with this app. Episode has done a lot of good things and I can’t wait for the stuff thats about to come. I just want to say thank you to Episode and I want to say to all of the people on here that you are loved and if you are going through a hard time just know that I am always praying for you. I am writing because I need two (or more) people to help me with my stories. First, a director to help me direct and help with my stories. Second, I need someone who a good art person to do the art for my story, who is really good at writing scripts with good grammar, really good with outfits, help me plan the story, how to help my story teach people, and help me with other things that have to do with my story. I will definitely treat my people with gifts because they took their time out to help me and they don’t have to help me but they did. I hope I can make good friendships out of this, inspired people, and help people. If you are interested please contact me on here or at my instagram at tygzbcy. If you do want to do this I would get into more detail with you. I am looking for two people or more. I am looking for someone who is very sweet, trustworthy, brave, and a gucci person to be around. I hope you are interested and I hope you are doing wonderful and remember you are loved and I am always praying for you. Be kind and do good not the bad, and be a good inspiration not a bad one. Love, Madison Strong aka (da queen)


I’m not good with directing or coding or grammar but I’m good with art and making covers and splashes and all the art stuff


I can help and some art as well.


I’m good with both directing and art!


whats you instagram


whats your instagram


Whats your instagram?




my instagram is tygzbcy


We can talk through DMs, PMs on here, or google hangouts. My email is


ok I can’t find you instagram could you request me


can you help me too with art…i,m also new on episode and make my story.


Sure! I’m in school right now, so I’ll have to do it later.


@Efee.N go to The Episode Studio Epic Thread for art help!


It’s PrncssPscs


@madisonstrong & @Efee.N Sure no problem! If you want to look at my art go here:



your arts are amazing::heart_eyes: i tell you tomorrow because just 2 mins ago i ask someone for cover.


Thank you! Episode Helpers can help as well. I’m also a member. If you need help with anything let us know. You can ask @linalilly10 for more details.


@madisonstrong I requested! DM me when you get the chance!