New author and my story is called The New ME

Hey guys I am a new author and I actually just published my very first episodes please go read it and give me feedbacks
My story is called the new ME by Misky Mohamed
I hope you enjoy it


You should include your link to the story.


Thank you Will do that!

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Here is the link to my story

I’m reading The new ME. Check it out:

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If you want a review: :yay: Cherii's Story Reviews :yay: - #36 by ciaraxoxoc

Hi my name is Lania and I’m a new author in Episode. My story is called Taste of Cajun. I also do art/edits for inexpensive prices.

Title: Taste of Cajun

Description: He’s a ruthless, vicious, and dangerous businessman. She’s a strong-minded southern girl. What happens when those two cross paths? Will he want a Taste of Cajun?

Please click the link below :slight_smile:

P.S I’m doing a giveaway once I get to 1,000 reads. Follow my instagram @lania.episode101 for more details

Bump! Good Luck!