New Author here, could you please review?


Hi everyone! This is my first story and I would greatly appreciate feedback/ reviews. It’s called Remember Me. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s the story description:
When Dean bumps into his ex/first love, she doesn’t remember who he is. Turns out she got her mind erased of him. Will Dean be able to move on and forget her too?

This is a romance story about two people who “try” to forget their past with each other.

story’s link:

or you can search up Remember Me by Mila.episodes


Hi I can check your story out!!


I can only provide brief feedback to the first chapter but I am sure I will keep on reading!


Thank you very much! I appreciate it :blush:


I love the cover and description so I am convinced this will be a fun read!


Thank you! The cover was fun to make :blush:


OMG it looks lovely!


Thank you :sob::sob::sob::heart:


Omg I have read a snippet and can I just tell you I think I have an intuition to know when I see an excellent story!?

Your story so far is beautiful. You have stunned me!



This story belongs on my recommendation thread. It’s its home - I keep on saying it to some authors but your story is just so damn amazing. You have made a brilliant first impression!

There are stories out there that really stand out of the crowd and your beautiful tale is just plainly exquisite


Oh my Lanta thank you so much for your kind words! This means so much to me! I feel like I’ve gotten validation for my months of hardwork! Thank you so much again! :sob::heart:


You deserve it my love, your months of hard work is SHINING through.


I hope it is okay if you could check my story out as well as you seem to have quite the talent for writing so I would love to see your thoughts on my tale haha


Yes of course I will review it!:heart:️ I graduated with an English degree so I can give you feedback in every department of writing! Again thank you for your kind words literally this is a dream wow :sob:


What’s your story?


It is called Crossed Paths by Dreamer


My goodness - your expertise shows, I have only read a bit of your story but that was even enough to show me how amazing your work is.


Oh my lanta! You are too kind! I will definitely read yours and review it! I can tell you must write well too because you give such eloquent responses and synopisises.


Ah thank you - that is so nice to hear! Haha I am glad my avid reading has rubbed off on me.