New Author in Need of Writing Tips

Hey everyone and anyone who is reading this post. I’m a new author (like I literally have just signed up for the forums and everything) and I need some help with my story. I don’t really need help with the plot, but I don’t know how to start off my first episode. I want it to seem calm and peaceful and then go dark and go into the story. I was thinking of either using a poem or doing a little thing like “Have you ever been to the ocean? How did it make you feel? Calm? Terrified? Most people would say calm and at some point before today, I would’ve agreed with them. But now I know, I was wrong.” I don’t know. I wrote that last part myself but I’m afraid it’s too cheesy or corny and no one’s going to like it. It’d be very helpful if I could get some opinions on this, please!

Thank you,
Anahi (pronouced: ON-UH-HEE)


PM me! I can help!!!

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I want to but if I’m being completely honest, I don’t know how to do that.:frowning:

Hey, the ocean part sounds so good! If I was reading this episode I would’ve liked that part.

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I LOVE IT. :heart:

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This is just a really quick pet peeve, but when authors change the scene to quickly or make their episodes too short. I feel like when they make the story and scene changes to fast, it automatically makes the story uninteresting. Just think as a reader: Would I keep reading this story? Is this interesting? What do I like that I see in other stories? I know it might be hard, but also getting a second opiinion can really help! I don’t know if you learned to code yet or not, but if not, goodluck! x


I PMed you

Hey! Do you guys have any tips to plan out stories because I am a new writer and have a great story but i dont know how to plan and keep it organized…

@Episodebegginer Get a piece of paper and scribble ideas. And then get another piece of paper and start putting them in some sort of order. And then fill in the blanks.

Hey @Episodebegginer
I started to work with the App “Evernote” where I write down my ideas and important facts for example what I have to know about the city I choose and of course discriptions of my charakters. After that I build each Chapter itself.
Now I just have to translate them into english! :blush: I’m also a newbie and currently Working on my 4th Chapter in german.

Best wishes from Germany!

Wow thats so cool and i really appreciate the help!