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Guys I’m new here and it’s been 3 years I’m been in episode…and I want u guys to read my first story and encourage me to write more…

Instagram: reacher_04

Story link of mine:

We can be friends and I dont mind at all…dm me anytime and hope we can stay friends if u want too…do let me know how was the story too.

See ya…


Going to check it out!

Hello! Wanna r4r with me?

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Hi, thank you for this!
I’d love to do R4R and exchange ss after that if you’re interested!

Name: A Better Life

Genre: Romance

Subgenre: Drama

Status: 4 episodes (Ongoing)

Description: You were finally adopted by a lovely couple. One day they tell you they have a big surprise for you. Who knew that this surprise would change your life forever?


Style: LL and also has CC

My Instagram: @edenepisode

I’m Ali and this is my first time writing too!
I don’t have any reader yet but I promise that if you give my story a shot you’ll like it.
I mean, if like a good high school cliche, of course.

If you are interested in reading, here it is:

Title: Summer Love
Description: The championship is here, but so is the boy that will turn Stella’s life upsidedown. Is she going to resist the charms of the soccer’s team captain or she will fall for him? We have romance, cheerleaders, soccer team, drama, friendship and a lot more.
Chapters: 5 (ongoing)
Style: LL
Author: AliDilaurentis
Genre: Romance

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r4r? (LL+CC)

Title: Lesson Learned

Chapters: 7

Genre: Romance


You are a college student starting your first year at UC Berkley to study business. It ends up that the hot arrogant guy you met at the bar ends up being your teacher. Carter Davenport. All the girls are in love with him but you hate him. He’s a millionare and the CEO of davenport industries. How does this 24 yr old stand your stubborn attitude? Will you fall in love? And will he teach you a lesson?

Episode Cover


Insta: @Emnm.Epy

I’m more active on insta^^

Heyyy I find yr story really interesting and hope that u get many reads in future too…

Best of luck…

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So, it’s a yes?

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Hey! I had recently did a forum thread to help everyone on their story reads. Be sure to read the conditions when you send in your story. Hopefully this can help to boost your total reads! :smile:



Talk with me in dm in Instagram

My Instagram acc : reacher_04

Hey i would love some feedback on my story!
Name: Crossroads
Genre: Mystery/Drama/Romance
Author: BlackFox
Style: Limelight
Lenght: For now 3 chapters out, but will be updating frequently, once i get some feedback if people like it or it needs ti be changed :slight_smile:
Plot: Before Cara finds herself on the crossroad between what’s right and wrong she faces many difficult choices. Her path brings her to Luke. A guy with a different story. See how the story unfolds when Cara is forced to make him fall for her, and see how much they actually have in common.
Live the simple but mysterious private high school life. Will Cara be able to save her legacy or is her father in danger?

i don’t have ig

Wanna r4r?
my link:

Would love to! :slight_smile: here’s my story

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I have read ur story…it’s great…keep it up and btw I, totally new in this forum and hope fully we can be friends too…is there any story that u want me to read
And do read mine…too

I hardworked a lot so hopefully u give me some feedback in fan mail…

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Could you send me ss?

Ok sure sry I was in rush…Btw do make Instagram acc so that we can talk and actually I’m younger than u I mean I’m sweet 16 this year…but we can be friends if u don’t mind

Thank you so much!!