New Author of the Month Suggestion

I think new authors need more exposure and support from Episode.
I have a suggestion that Episode should have a New Author of the Month.
New Authors should submit their stories to be considered. Episode reviews the stories they submitted, and pick one that they feel is the New Author of the month, and display it for one month on the front page of the App. And they pick a new author of the month every month. I think it’s a win-win for Episode and writers. Episode could be missing out on really good stories. I see people asking for new stories a lot. Please consider this idea.


OMG! I support this 1000000000000000000%

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support well I am a new author too


support! I’m writing a story

Support! I love this

You may want to rename it to “FEATURE:New Author Of the Month Shelf” or something like that or it may get closed down due to violation of the feature request guidelines :slight_smile:


A huge support!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Topic closed due to violation of Feature Request Guidelines. Please review the guidelines and contact @Sydney_H (be sure to link the thread!) to discuss editing and reopening topic. :smiley: