New author : place bubbles

Hi there,

I would like to know if I can change bubble’s place.
The bubbles are on my characters and we do not see what they do.

Thanks for your answers.

Elodie B.

  1. Go to Directing Helper, then look down in the previewer u will see another set of button that are listed down such as “Script Helper”, etc.

  2. Go to Bubble Helper,

  3. Then look to your left u will see another set of buttons.

  4. Look for a bubble that is labeled “Switch Tool”.

  5. Click that, once u click it, u will see it will say “Move”, and if u click it again, it will say “Scale”

  6. Click it again to go on “Scale” to move the bubble around.

  7. If u want to change the size of the bubble then click on Switch Tool, to go on “Move”.


Also make sure to copy the code in the box under the previewer. Put the code before the narrator talks and then once the narrator is done, do @speechbubble reset (I believe that’s what the code is)


Thank you very much for your help

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thank you for the advice