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Hi, my name is Diana and this is my story…


Title: Haunted past
Author name: Diana13
Description: Lexa had a terrible past. What will happen when she meet a bad boy who can be good only for her…
Gener: romance and drama
My instagram: haunted_past.episode
Style: Ink
Hope you will like it!!!:kissing_heart::heart_eyes::grinning::heartpulse::heart::hearts:!


STORY REVIEW FOR @marinapantaz
Story: My best friend next door
:paintbrush: I love your covers, they are original and realistic.
:ab: I didnt notice grammar/spelling errors.
:movie_camera: Your directing was smooth with little mistakes though. Take a look at spot directing in the scene with MC during class, When you have dialogues longer then 1 sentence you need to be carefull with talk animations.
:bulb: I enjoyed your story so much! Even if there wasnt so much drama during first chapters it looks even more real and honest. It was really refreshing and relaxing to read such a cute story. Your characters are amazing except for Matt. :joy:
:heavy_plus_sign: Waterfall scene



Hey ! Here’s my story:

Author’s Name: Asia Harris
Story Name: Dark Secrets From Beyond
Genre: Fantasy
Description: Everyone has secrets.
But what if the secrets we have can hurt the ones we love.
Or what if the secrets we don’t can somehow put us in danger.
Only one way to find out!
Instagram: episode.asiah

I would send the cover for my story, but still waiting for it to be reviewed.
I hope you love the story!
If you have any suggestions, I am open to them.



Thank you!! :heart: I will definitely fix that spot directing. I feel you though…I dislike Matt with a passion :joy:


Hey girl! Can you pm me mine? :smiley:


Hey Anne! I just published my story “The Unexpected” and would love if you gave it a read! (and possibly an honest review on it) It’s about a 24 year old gal who gets faced with a lot of challenges in her life, and frantically tries to deal with them. <3 I hope you like it!

Story Name - The Unexpected
Genre - Drama
Name - Nikki C.


Author Name: Mikawa
Title: Beyond Repair
Genre: Drama
Art Style: INK
Description:“This is a new beginning!” they says.
But secret like this, never fade away…
They only kill you slowly…