New Authors or Stories With UNDER 10k Reads!

Hey everyone!


I wanted to do something to help small authors with their story reads.

On my instagram page, I have created 5 new highlights, the categories being;

  • Under 500 Reads
  • Between 500 & 1k Reads
  • Between 1k & 5k Reads
  • Between 5k & 10k Reads
  • Underrated LGBTQ Stories

If your story has under 10k reads and fits in one of these categories, I want to promote your story!
Your story will be advertised for 24h in my episode story the day upload it, and will then sit in my highlights for a MINIMUM of a month!

I want to create an ‘UNDERRATED LIBRARY’ so that readers looking for new stories know where to look and can come across your story!

Once my highlights are full, and your story has been there for a month, I will see where your reads are at and move your story into the next category. This will leave room for new stories to be added after a monthly period.

If you’re interested and want your story to be advertised on my page, please either send your story details via DM to my insta account - @lorenbethxox

or leave your story details below so that I can find it on the app and reach it that way!

**UPDATE: The above has now been scrapped due to the highlights I created being pushed back due to other daily things I post on my instagram page. (I realised this wasn’t proving effective for your stories!) - However, I still want to help promote stories however I can. So if you would like your story promoting, please DM me your story link and cover on instagram, (@lorenbethxox) I will share this with a ‘swipe up’ instead :blush:

Thanks! :smiley:

Lb xox


Title: Feel My Pulse
Author: Abby
Genre: Romance/mystery/fantasy
Instagram: @abby_stories


Great! I’ll get it posted :slight_smile:

Hey, here’s my story😀
Story: Die in your Arms
Style: LL
Genre: Drama
Description: A story about a girl who loves “LOVE” but constantly ends up with guys who don’t deserve her. What happens when she finally met that “ONE” guy special guy?

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Here’s my story Blind To Blood.
It currently has 11 episodes and is on going!
I update weekly. :slight_smile:
Genre is a mix of Fantasy, drama and romance.
Description: Claudia’s life isn’t the same after meeting her new next door neighbor, Silas Harris.

My instagram is @uglygh0stt

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Hi!! Thank you for doing this! :heartbeat:

Title: Three Empty Words
Author: Sophia and Eleonor | insta: @sopheonor
Genre: Drama
Style: Ink
Description: After 7 years of trying to find closure, a person involved with the accident comes back in your life. Were the things she said that day actually true? Is there more to the story?


IG: @lamisha.stories

This is on review but my story is already published…
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HEY! Thank you so much for this thread! Thats such an awesome idea and we really hope you enjoy our story! :smiley:

Title: Between Worlds (Limelight)

cover.png2667×3683 1.35 MB

Author: TheBaddestBois

Synopsis: You’ve been playing the popular, pretty, good-doer while hiding your obsession with the afterlife. He’s not quite from the living realm; a lost person falling deeper into despair. Will you catch him? Or will you fall with him?

Features: Special Art Scenes, Full MC customization, LL , custom overlays and backgrounds

Episodes: 7 (but we’re working on 8 now)
Instagram: @thebaddestbois

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This is such a wonderful thing you’re doing! And I would be so appreciative if you would be interested in adding my stories to your highlights as well. :heartpulse:

Story #1
Romance Island by KylieJayx3
1.9k reads ATM
Classic style, Romance, Completed, Multiple Endings

Story #2
My Secret Profession by KylieJay
47 reads ATM
Ink style, Thriller, Completed, Multiple endings

Story #3
Within Her Soul by KylieJay
194 reads ATM
LL style, Fantasy, 3 ep ongoing

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Hiii!!Thank you so much for your help my story is under 500 reads
Genre Romance
Style ll

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That’s really cool of you! I’ll definitely reach out on Instagram :heart:

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Hey, I don’t have any own story of mine, but I know someone who does, so I’m adding their story.

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Hi @lorenbethxox my story has 901 reads, thank you for this topic, it’s an amazing idea :heart:

Title: I married my troublemaker (limelight)
Author name: Miss Deepika
Style: Limelight
Episode: 15 so far
Description: Fixed marriage with a person who brings trouble in your life, will this marriage turned out to be a success or big misery in your life. (update every friday)
{Art scenes}
Review Info: Whatever you prefer most , anyway is fine by me.
Genre: Drama
Ig: @orangeweedie.episode

English is not my first language so kindly bear my small mistakes :heart:

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I’ve just posted my new story on the app and It will be great if you can chek it out. I’ll really love to have someone that reads it. I have put a lot of effort and enthusiasm. There’ll be more chapters soon. Here’s all the iformation:

My instagram: n.episodewrite

  • Tittle : Living with a star
  • Genre : Romance and drama
  • Description : You’ve just moved to New York to follow your dream of becoming an actress but you end living with a hollywood star. Can you handle his game? And can you become part of the A list?
    -Link :
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Thank you for this topic!!
My story has 86 reads

name : Everything for my Sister
Ink style and it’s romance


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The cover is beautiful! - This is also now posted :slight_smile:

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Hey that’s great! do you know if she has instagram so i can tag her? :slight_smile:

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thanks! I’ll get it uploaded. Do you have an instagram account and i can tag you? :slight_smile:

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The cover is cute!! Who did it?

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