New background characters for The Billionaire's Waitress (LL) (MALE & FEMALE)

please write details & outfits if you can
also choose a role

I Need Background Characters

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Teacters
  • Students
  • Coffee Shop Staff
  • Managers
  • Hotel Staff
  • Police Officers
  • Bad Guys
  • Hackers
  • Personal Assistants
  • Shop Keepers

Need Male & Female

Character Details + Outfits:

Male Character Details








Female Character Details









All of the character’s details are on the card!
Turtleneck Heart Zipper Sleeves Mesh Cotton Grey Black
Open Toe Platform Stiletto Laced Leather Black
Thin Sliver Hoop Earring

Can I be a student please?

Feel free to use my characters:)


Character names:
Asher Griffin
Dragon Griffin

(If you want to use a more normal name for Dragon you can use Amber, you can give either of them another surname if you want, this is purely to make them married, authors can do some creative things with that:), you can give them any relation to each other (except siblings/cousins))



Dragon- Stubborn, thoughtful, confident, determined, extremely sarcastic.

Asher-Sweet, confident, thoughtful, smart, funny.

Dragon-She/her, straight
Asher-He/him, straight

Favorite colors:

Dragon-Dark red&black


Feel free to change their outfits. I put their fav. colors there to have more of an idea what colors the outfits can contain (doesn’t just have to be it).

For credits: @dragon.epi on IG

Also tag me when the story is out, I would love to read it:)

Here you go if you still need characters :sparkles:

Two twins

Character 2

Character 3

You can give them any role


Feel free to use them as whatever just don’t make the related by blood since they are LI in my story :joy:

Credits: @giulianna_creates on Instagram

Giulianna’s Traits: A bit bad around the edges, but will always have everyone’s back. Can be as sweet as candy, but if you make her mad in any way… WATCH OUT!
Bryce’s Traits: Without a doubt a bad boy, but will always have his loved ones back, can be a bit annoying to his girlfriend (AKA ME) sometimes, and when he pushes her buttons… HE BETTER WATCH OUT!

Whatever role suits their personalities best :slight_smile:


Or I can be a student :kissing:

Hi, feel free to use my characters ・ᴗ・

open here!

you can use them as twin.


hackers! or anything you think that will fit the best.

Here you go!

A student please


Name: Isabelle
Character Details:
Style: Female Athletic Body
Skin color: Neutral 02
Brows: Arched Thin (Dark Brown)
Hair: Hair Updo Curly Messy (Ash Blonde)
Eyes: Deepset Downturned (Deep Blue)
Face: Diamond
Nose: Grecian Soft
Lips: Small Heart (Red Deep Matte)

Off Shoulder Boho Mid Sleeve Shirt Cotton Grey White
Frayed Cuttoff Shorts Denim Grey Black
Flat Top Sneakers Flower Patches Black
Collared Heart Necklace Metal Silver
Compas Rose Arm Tattoo Ink Multi Color
(You can change her clothes if you want)

Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Pronouns: she/her

Personality: fun, outgoing, loyal, crazy, confident, gives advices, sarcastic, jokes in the weirdest moments.

You can credit me by my Instagram @stellaroseever :purple_heart:

Her ya go :sparkles:


Name: Kaylee
Personality: funny out going
Role: teacher

2 more characters

Names: Tyler and Leah
Info: They are brother and sister
Sexuality for Leah; straight
Personality for Tyler: He’s sweet and shy
Personality for Leah: She really out going not really shy but kind
Roles for both: students

If possible, either nurse or doctor. But any role is fine :blush:

this is my character:


name: J. Spencer
(you can use either Jay or Spencer as the character name though)

Character Details:
body: generic
Skin: Rose 3
Eyebrow: Round Medium (Deep Brown)
Hair: Long Half Up Ponytail (Brown Black)
Eyes: Round Medium (Brown Deep)
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Pink Peach Medium)

you can credit me by my forum name :)

let me know if you end up using it :blush:

Character 01

Character 02

Character 03

You can either use the outfits on the cards, make some up or use the options below…

Option 01


Option 02


Option 03

Option 04

Bad Guys
Option 01

Option 02



Option 03


Option 04

Shop Keepers
Option 01

Option 02

Option 03


Option 04

You could choose role for me
Tag me when you publish your story …I would like to give it a read;)

And tag me when it’s out :))

Police Officer

Character Details + Outfits:

Police Uniform + Contractor Boots Leather Grey Black

Plain Bangles Metal Gold + Flat Lace Up Sneakers Canvas Blue Oxford + Stud Jewel Drop + Frilled Off Shoulder Tied Romper Cotton Blue + Locket and Choker Necklace Metal Gold

Alejeya Falcone was born in LA. She has a strong sense of justice and that led her to follow her dream of becoming a cop.

Female Character Details

Body: Female Soft Body (Copper 01)

Brows: Arched Natural Scar (Light Brown)

Hair: Medium Straight Down (Light Brown)

Eyes: Delicate Almond Falsies (Brown Sand)

Face: Heart Soft

Nose: Round Broad

Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Red Deep Matte)

If you’ll use her please tag me (@best_simsisters-Instagram) <3