New backgrounds - bedroom, bathroom and living room <3

Hey guys, I’ve finally finished a new set of backgrounds for you guys to use! Obviously you don’t have to but just thought we needed more cute shower backgrounds out there and it just turned into a whole series of same-themed backgrounds lol… all the day backgrounds have a corresponding night, the rest can be found in my google drive (link in my profile) in the bedroom/background folder :slight_smile:

3 zones, shower door png included in google drive

3 zones, sofa chairs and tables png included in google drive

2 zones, weaved seat png included in google drive

The bedroom was actually the suburban version of a bedroom background request I got from another user for an island bedroom:

2 zones, weaved seat png included in google drive

Hope you guys enjoy it! Of course, as always, please credit my instagram episode.justine :slight_smile: my forum name is okay too but preferably my instagram please :smiley: Enjoy babies! x



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Haha thank you, babe! Thought we could use more cute backgrounds :slight_smile: x

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teach me ur ways

this is my work atm

Ps love ur work girl


Haha thank you babe, I love your work too! Love the interior design, let’s keep at it for the Episode community! <3 x

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ok thx

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Amazing thank you for sharing.


Thanks, you’re welcome! :slight_smile: x