New backgrounds you can use ((((:

Hello :blush:

I just got done editing some Episode backgrounds and I thought I’d share them so if y’all want, you can use it. I don’t require credit, but please let me know that you’re using it.

If you wish to check out my other backgrounds I’ve made, here! (: Read the rules, and once you understand them, scroll to the bottom to be met with the link
Google Drive


Ah! I love these :heart: Is it alright if I change the pictures on the walls?

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I can change them myself, but just a question for the future… what do you use to edit the backgrounds?

Hi, I have a question. Do you have the chandelier as a overlay and the background without the chandelier? I’m thinking about creating a scene where it falls and causes chaos. xD
Very beautiful background by the way.

That’s amazing lol

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Just the night version would be awesome! :grinning:

Thank you so much! This looks perfect!

I’ll be crediting you in my story. :grinning: