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Hi !

I installed the Episode App on my cell phone a few days ago and started reading the first story “It started with a bra”. Though the game seems to be focused on female users, I liked the plot so far, but kept wondering what exactly the app/game is all about and why I am here after all. That´s what brought me to the forums, maybe some experienced users can enlighten me ? :wink:

I also read that there are not too much male users around, as expected. Well, I am a male, even though not the youngest or most typical kind of this specimen. No worries, I am not a flirty kind of character. For a beginning, I should add that I am from Germany, so English is not my mother language. The reason I have time for stuff like this is that I am chronically sick. :frowning: Feel free to ask me anything you´d like to know.

Yours, Nemesis.


Hmmm, not exactly the kind of a warm welcome I expected… :cry:

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the app/game is just an app filled with stories created by the episode team and users that usually contain choices that change the storyline. There are other stories that don’t really have many choices but it doesn’t mean the story isn’t as good!
“It started with a bra” isn’t a very popular story among the users here and I suggest you read stories made by the users rather than made by the Episode team.

Also welcome! :slight_smile:


As for male lead stories. I’m haven’t really come across many myself which is why I have one in works right now aha


Hey, welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re looking for stories with male main character…


Thx for the feedback. :slight_smile:

I am not that desperate for a story with a male mc actually, I just stated what I read and saw so far. I am a role-player, not too experienced, but I can play a female char, I guess. Well, maybe not in a LARP, but I guess you know what I mean. :wink:

I like stories about pranks, so the beginning of “It started with a bra” suited my taste. As you might know, the ancient Greek Goddess Nemesis stands for vengeance, so this also fits quite well. O:-)

Next thing when I finished the story might well be taking a look into an user-made one. B-)


Hey there @NemesisDarkFox, this is Sydney the Moderator. Welcome to the forums. :smiley:

I’ve moved this topic to Episode Fan Community since it’s asking questions about Episode. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to ask me if there are any questions. :wink:

Sorry, I read some other threads and thought that the cathegory would fit. :disappointed_relieved:

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Welcome here man :smirk:
And I think people already answered about your questions , so I am just gonna welcome you :partying_face:

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Well, I am here to listen and learn, so feel free to add whatever you think might be usefull for me. :wink: And thx 4 the Welcome. :slight_smile:

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Welcome! I know there are some stories that do have a female MC, but as the story progresses you still get enough interaction with different genders and also learn their stories as well. Also not sure if you know this already but if you’re annoyed with having to pay gems for choices then you should definitely check out user stories!


Hai! That is the German word for shark. :shark::wink:
I am about to finish the first story I read, as mentioned before that is “It started with a bra”, and yes, since you start with 0 gems, there are many options you cannot select. :frowning: So a question for all, do you re-read episodes when you have the bling to unlock certain courses, or do you focus on user stories? I assume the later do not request gems?

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ooh, hai! that’s so cool! well i can’t answer for everyone, but for me i usually don’t bother replaying just so that i can select the gem choices because there’s just too many :frowning: and yes, user stories don’t require gems, so i dont have to pay for a more thorough, complete story (as compared to the Episode ones) so i tend to play more of those :slight_smile:

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I have not yet looked into the details, but I guess writing a story that branches off several times sure is a lot of work, so what benefits are there for the users who publish their ideas over Episode?

Hello Nemesis! A warm welcome from me and the Episode Community to you! :yellow_heart:

no worries if you found that GIF creepy as heck :pleading_face:

Well, the users who publish their ideas over Episode help in certain following ways –

  • If they publish their ideas related to their own story, they can get feedback for their ideas. Such as, I posted a plot line for my new story which is a superhero themed one. It has a superhero-ish title MICROCIDE and I also posted the description. The users would give me the required criticism or suggestions on as to how to better it, which are the fault lines, what things to avoid etc. This is better for an author as it helps the author to find their weak points and improve them :smile_cat:
  • There are some users who publish their ideas, not for the sake of their stories, but for other stories to improve. This also helps other authors to improve. This helps others to get inspiration and creativity to create stories which focus on diversity and are laterally different than the UsUaL stories we see on story platforms. As usual a person like me who is an avid reader of Episode Stories, is bound to put up his/her opinions or demands on what shall or what shall not be included in a story. Such as, I want to see a story where the MCs aren’t always white and have a straight sexuality and the best friend/supporting character being of a different sexuality, heritage and has less of a part to act upon. I want to read some stories which not aLwAyS focus majorly on the MCs but also focus on supporting characters. If a story doesn’t have this, I just feel as if it lacks novelty (and I have seen various Episode Stories which are unusually on the top having this criteria :cry:).
  • People publish their ideas because they want Episode to be better, to be brighter and to be something to which ALL people could look forward to. Many people want stories where each and every one of them has an individual meaning and provide something good for the society. They want the stories to diverse and empowering. They want stories to reach out to various communities.

Hope this helped! I know it doesn’t convey my message that carefully but I still hope it does LOL. And if you face any problems, don’t hesitate to contact me! :yellow_heart:

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Did you blur those lines on purpose? :sweat_smile:
Well, my question was more basic, sorry for the confusion. I meant why someone should invest the time and labour to write an Episode story at all if they are not going to be paid for it in some way. :money_with_wings::money_mouth_face::wink:

because i am a sad little butterbean who has no other thing to look forward to in life other than school and Marvel…and being annoying :see_no_evil:

Joking! Joking!

I mean that…people do that cuz…well, there are a lot of reasons –

  • They use Episode as a medium to improve their writing.
  • They use Episode as a medium to advertise/promote their stories which are published on other platforms such as Wattpad, Radish etc.
  • They use Episode as a medium of self-therapy.
  • They use Episode as a medium to aware people on different issues existing in the world.

There are many, many other reasons of why people write stories on Episode except for the sake of getting paid. I guess the four reasons I listed above are the main prominent ones :speak_no_evil:

Now, getting back to this –

On purpose AnD to be funny??? I blurred them cuz…I dunno. I was being weird :laughing:
And, I am sorry I got confused with your question. My mind was boggled at that time thinking so many things at once. I was cOnFuSiOn :weary::flushed::kissing_heart:

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Thx, Charity. This is actually the first story app for me to use, this might explain some of my noobish questions. :honeybee::sweat_smile:
As for Agent Marvel here, I guess you deserve a longer response, but therefor I need to use my Laptop since typing on my cellphone still is difficult for me, and the German autocorrect does not help either… Yeah, I am old… For a first reply, I saw your profile, did you know that the black panther is my heraldic animal of choice and that I tend to compare myself with Superman’s antagonist Brainiac? But I do not believe in those fairy tales made of wishful thinking the big religions try to sell us. But I do believe in higher powers of some sort, in fact I wanted to become a paranormal investigator, no joke. I have always been different and your kind of crazy speaks to mine. Maybe not a good thing, though… :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


oh my gosh, can we be soulmates? :speak_no_evil:

Kidding, kidding! Oh My Gosh, Black Panther isn’t my heraldic animal of choice (I prefer insects more, like spiders, ants, ladybugs, bleh). I don’t read DC, but I just went to and searched it on Wickedpizza (I mean Wikipedia :ghost:),
As for you becoming a paranormal investigator, I wanted to become a…a size-altering spy with time-travelling powers? (Oof :eyes:) I have been different too. Cuz – Normal Is Usual Is Boring, Different Is Unusual Is Spontaneous!

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No, but you mentioned the panther. :wink:
Well, I do not know much about Captain Marvel, did not Rogue steal her powers and send her into a coma for a long time? However, DC’s equivalent to Ant-Man is Atom who happens to be a time traveller in the series “Legends of Tomorrow”. :open_mouth:
I might be weird, but I am always honest. I did not choose being different, it is just a fact, with all the down-sides that come with it. :pensive:

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