New Bee buzzing in or so


It’s nice to see a guy on the forum! There aren’t many of you! Do you mind reading from a girl’s point of view? You’re going to see a lot of those kinda stories here.

I didn’t get to read all of the comments, so I don’t know if anyone’s said that you’ve probably had the worst experience with In My Bra on Episode! It’s one of the worst featured stories!


Yeah, hope I am not the reason therefore? :cry:


No, I do not mind since I used to be a role-player. :wink:
And yes, someone said that "It started with a bra " is not among the top stories, but I liked the pranks and stuff. I started reading the user story “The Ruby Tiara” next, but only finished the first chapter so far, lot of bureaucracy going on regarding my chronic illnesses and getting help from the State, even after 2 years… :confounded:


Hmmm, is it just me or are more and more people withdrawing from me? :thinking::sweat_smile:


Bonnie and Clyde… The criminals?


Yeah, seen the movie? Guess people of your age would rather refer to Harley Quinn and the Joker. Have not seen “Suicide Squat” yet, had very split critics.


No, you’re not. You’re my friend. :slight_smile:


That made my day. :hugs:
Has not been a good one so far, muscle pain in my neck gives me a headache and keeps me from sleeping. :tired_face:


Oh, wow. I have a headache, and I’m expecting that time of the month very soon.


The time the bills come in? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I know that some females suffer more than others, a former friend of mine had a very hard time each month. :disappointed:
Maybe becoming pregnant would help…? Joke. :sweat_smile::wink:


Yes. And I become… Strange at that time. Very strange.




Ok, I promised you more facts about me, but I will try to stick to some less creepy ones for now. :innocent:
My hair colour was dark blonde, gotten darker each year and now has some grey in it, too. My eyes are blue. I am not too tall for a male, 1,75m, there were girls taller than me back in school. My current weight is somewhere around 85kg.
I am not good in multi-tasking, which is one reason I failed my driver’s exam 3 times before giving up on it. I still have no driver’s license to this day.
My left eye has less than 80% of its normal visual strength, so I am basically a cyclops in 4th generation. 3D-glasses etc. do not work for me.
My favourite colours are black, red, violet and blue.
More random facts soon or so. :sweat_smile:



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