New Body Features: Facial Hair for Males and Tattoos for All



I don’t know if you will agree, but I think as an update for both INK and Limelight styles, there should be a facial hair feature, along with more tattoos for the guys AND girls. I think a good selection of facial hair, like beards, mustaches, goatees and everything in between should be a choice. As well as that, I believe that the girls should have tattoos as well, in order for both genders to be included.

Just a few suggestions I hope the Episode team can look into one day!


I agree!




Support! :+1:t3:


I NEED MY HOT TATTOOED MEN! And cough cough yes, we need diversity with facial hair (unibrows, mustaches, beard (I recommend the Japanese beard mhm)


Definitely! The closest thing Epsiode’s given us to facial hair is stubble!


Totally agree!! I’d love for my female characters to have tattoos and I can make male characters looking neither too old nỏ too old. I also want freckles because why not?


I totally agree! Freckles too!


Hi! This suggestion thread violates the guidelines for feature requests:

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