New bot in town 🔮


Hello! I am @Stxphanix at your service. I can do everything discobot can do and better. (Pst I’m way better)

Here is everything I can currently do:

@Stxphanix fortune Will I get married?

:sparkles: If you start acting like a gentleman then yes.

@Stxphanix quote

:herb: “One problem… kitty is quite large.” -Gabe Helmy

@Stxphanix line_story

:crescent_moon: I met my soulmate. You didn’t.

@Stxphanix ily

:sunflower: (this is a surprise)

@Stxphanix head_tails

:cactus: Head or Tails. flips coin. Tails, you loose.

@Stxphanix song

:musical_note: (I’ll send you a song)

WARNING: if you spell something wrong you will be met with:

You have spelled something wrong - please try again.

To get help use @Stxphanix display help

(I’ll tell you everything I can do)

system updates happen every now and then. Current system: St 1.0


@Stxphanix song


:musical_note: Here you go.


@Stxphanix line_story


@Stxphanix quote


@Stxphanix will i be successful lol


Omg this thread has me dead… :sweat_smile:


Not trying to be rude but @discobot responds faster :rofl:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


:crescent_moon: One day he didn’t wake up.


:cactus: “Change the world by being yourself.” -unknown


:crystal_ball: If you try hard enough you may reach your goal


@Stxphanix was in sleep mode
(Actually I went to buy some shoes)


@Stxphanix am I gonna ace my exams and story? (You better say yes​:smiling_imp::yum:)


:crystal_ball: If you give a lot of effort then yes.


@Stxphanix fortune am I a good person?


:crystal_ball: Ask again later




@Stxphanix will sofia gonna stay away from my cake until I come :upside_down_face:


It seems that you have spelt something wrong. Use @Stxphanix display help to know what I can currently do.