New character customisation!

Does anyone have the new LL character customisation template? As I am aware that new skin tones have been introduced and have been renamed.

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Try @Dara.Amarie. She updated her tempales :wink:

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There is a script templates option when you open your script, the male and female customization templates are there!

I don’t see any updated templates :disappointed:

Where do I find those? I’ve been looking everywhere. And is the script updated to the new LL skin tones?

It’s at the right of your screen amongst the ‘props’ , ‘characters’ , ‘backgrounds’ etc when you are on your script.

Episode created their own script templates but they’re missing some of the face features. I’ve updated my Limelight templates with all the new skin tones and mine have ALL of the features in them: Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)

There are, you just need to click on the link in her bio😉
If you don’t find them/want to use them do as @AnonymousAuthor1 say :blush: :wink: