New Character Features



Thought? :thinking:


Every time he talks/his mouth moves is creepy.


the hair bothers me tbh of the new characters. It’s like . . . too real? To high def?


It looks way out of place. Looks like it backpedaled in old LL stories tbh.

The beautiful updates to Love Life were amazing for guys, so this made me go ??? when I viewed the story. Funny considering Positively Princess literally released yesterday.


Nightmare fuel


I feel like when Episode launched LL a little over a year ago; (baby limelight lol) the character features were still very animated and cartoon like. It still gave a more realistic vibe anyway even now but with the new updates the features are much more advanced in the realistic department. So now we have ‘cartoon-like closely related to Ink, almost semi realistic features that represents baby LL’ to ‘mega advanced realistic haven’t updated in a year & you can really tell current LL’. I guess it works for LL as a style. It looks quite promising. It definitely feels like we’re stepping away from Episode’s trademark of cartoon & 2D which is exciting but also kind of sad…

Anyway on less sad news… I’m IMPLODING. The new character Tech even has an animated horse. I never expected Episode to advance this much or at least I never saw it coming as soon as it is. I’m so so so excited. :tada:


I have to admit strange that they look weird in a crowd of traditional LL characters


I just want Episode to add the little space between the teeth as an option, I find it so cute and I would love if my characters could have it.


It’s like the possible fourth Art style: Uncanny. Seriously it’s like a mish-mash of regular old Limelight with the element of transitioning-Limelight from PLL.


They should release the new features as its own style


The only thing that bothers me is that it looks completely different from LL. This to me is a whole new art style. I couldn’t write a story a with these features and the regular limelight ones it would look too weird.


He dry. Put some sauce on him