New character page for people how what to be in my stroy

hello lovely people I this is a update version of character I need I won’t be answering to my other thread only this one I hope to hear back from people have a great night or day loves


first please for my sake send only two of the characters you like a-lot it was hard doing everyone of them I will use everyone I REPEAT EVERYONE WILL HAVE THERE CHARACTERS IN MY STORY please send clear deets

I need a few people how are able and whiling to work in the Coffee shop and floral shop and also another coffee shop.

I am a fair type of person so don’t worry about be picking or choosing I am not like that you have freedom here loves

also you can PM me you deets or just send them here

flower shop worker-
2. @lanafrazer_episode
4. @LynnAnn
5. @SkylaCL
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coffee shop

  1. @TalesByMim
  2. @DaniMarie
  3. @Mild_Adventures .
  4. @pqstiche
  5. @Episode.Golden
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other coffee shop-
2. @EpisodeWriterMarla

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