New Character Types!

Animal Characters!


Since you guys were so great about taking the Episode readers up on plus-sized characters, maybe it’s time for non-human characters. I think having animals (similar to the horse in Positively Princess) would be awesome!
So many people have dog and cat overlays for pets in their stories, but imagine how cool it would be to have animated animals that bark/meow/neigh and whine and beg with their own wardrobe, animations, and customizer.
There could be different fur and mane colors, and styles. There could be different sizes and ages between animals (e.g. underweight, muscular, overweight, and baby, adult)
Maybe introduce Heterochromia (two different colored eyes) into the customizer since it’s a decently common occurrence in animals (but also occurs in humans).

Different Ages!


Introducing infants and toddlers into the game would be, well, game-changing! Right now, the only way we can tell the difference between ages is the swaddled baby prop and character sizing, then putting them into seemingly age-appropriate outfits. Infants crawling around, and toddlers running around Episode stories would (in my opinion) make fellow authors and readers incredibly happy.
Completely different wardrobes pertaining to age. Diapers, onesies, and more!
New hairstyles for the children!
New animations! Children running around like maniacs, babies crawling around, and parents picking their spawn up and getting them out of trouble.

Please let me know your thoughts on these ideas, and possibly expand on them!


This sounds SO cool. I support. It would probably take a lot of time for them to create it though


Totally support this! I feel like instead of creating a new character style (like LL, Ink, Classic) they should focus on animals as an added style (can use in all styles).
Hopefully the next updates will be with children features and maybe a body type with no and (for males) and no breasts (for females). It’d be more realistic


I would love that and fully support the child/infant idea.



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