New classrooms backgrounds

Hey guys i’m writing a story called the “the loyal girlfriend” but can’t seem to find any classroom background it would be awesome if you guys could help me out. :grin:

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You should check out some artist profiles on instagram and use their edited backgrounds. Just don’t forget to give a credit. Some artists already took off their work because people don’t follow their rules. Sad but true.

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There are lot of classroom background

Check out @ shellyg.episode on instagram she has so many edited background maybe you will find what are you looking for…
Just don’t forget to credit her…

Moved to Resources section! :v:t2:

I have one

I didn’t knew that…

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Help please ask it in my formus. Some of my friends from 15, will surely help u! Its called "Rose, new help center (Want some help with errors? Come And tell us what is your problem and we will solve it within 24 hours!)

I have some classroom background

May i have a look at them and u will also be credited

give me a minute

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There are still more

How do i get them on to episodes and do u have a classroom with chairs

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I know who can make it

Wanna me to give you a link to it

Yes please

You upload them in the art catalog one the writers portal under background…
you have to name them…
Example: EXT. Classroom 1

go here

These are also my backgrounds. Can you please credit me next time?

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Sorry I always forget to credit it