*NEW* ~Community Trade~ Help 4 Help!


So, we’ve all been there: confusion. Sometimes, you just can’t figure things out by yourself. But, that’s okay. It’s good to ask for help. And you know what’s even better… giving help! So this thread welcomes writers, coders, artists, group, pairs, and anyone looking for a helpful bond in the Episode Community Trade Thread. Here’s how it works:



  • You make a request of any sort on this thread. (Whether that’s writing help, coding errors, art request, etc.)
  • You wait for other to make a request similar to yours OR wait for someone that can help you to make a request.
  • You and your “Help 4 Help Partner” pm or chat here about the details regarding your requests only.
  • Once both requests completed by both partners, you can request as much as you’d like!

To make this thread more organized and convenient, I’m going to list the people with requests seeking for a partner by category. I’ll also provide a short description of their request to make it easier for fellow Episodians! You can look on each category, and receive help in any category, just my lending someone a helping hand! The list is below:

Artists Category
  1. @RyRydoezepisode - Searching for artist
Writing Category
Coders Category
Extra/Other Category
Promote 4 Promote Category

If you end up loving this mini establishment once it gets started, please stick along! You may be added to a special list of “Community Go-To’s” This is a list of skilled, proud, and dedicated people that do really well in helping and putting themselves out there to help others. If you are/aren’t on the list, and you need something specific, ask one of our “Go-To’s” Also, you never know you could be added to the list by completing a simple request!


  1. @Dahlia_Blossom .

There’s a few simple rules, that NEED to be followed. Please briefly check them below before joining the Community Trade Chat.

  1. Please stay on topic. We need to keep this thread organized, so it wont be hard for others seeking assistance.
  2. Always be kind. Spread nice words, joy, and encouragement. If your in a bad mood, you can always come back to this later!
    3.Please don’t distract the helpers in the community by chatting if you don’t have any help to give/receive.
  3. Have fun, trust your skills, trust each other, and show your talent to help others!
  4. Please be understanding that every single person is welcome, so there will be belief and disbelief.
  5. Please be aware that this isn’t an art group/organization, it is simply random, sweet people offering their services to get services. If it’s not done perfectly/on time, don’t sweat about it.

Get started now by requesting and/or stating what you can do to help!


Hey I’m seeking an artist?!?


Great! I’ll add you to the looking for art 4 art partner category!




I can do art for you


Hi sooooooo this will sound stupid but how do you make a post??? All I can do is write a message to one person lol


Just press the episode logo at the top and once at the home page, click “new topic”


Oh ok thanks