New computer desk background for y'all 😊

Heyyyyy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Here’s a new computer background/overlay you all can use. I don’t require credit, all I require is you let me know you’re using it :smile:

If you wanna check out the other backgrounds I’ve made/edited, here’s the link to a Google doc. Once you read the rules, scroll to the bottom and click on the link- it’ll lead you to my Google drive Google doc

Background with overlay (NIGHT)

Background without overlay (NIGHT)

Background with overlay (DAY)

Background without overlay (DAY)


Much love xoxo


I might use your locker background, though I’ll color it blue.
Idk if ill use it, but I am writing a high school story
so, thanks!

Hey do you take request for backgrounds?

Marked as solved and closed. Thanks @abygail.bauman

Reopened and marked as unsolved. @abygail.bauman no need to mark a thread with no question as solved. Thanks all!

Okay, can I message you about it?

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could i use this laptop background please and would you be able to put something on the screen for me please :d

thank you i hope it wont be too much trouble i just want it to look like a youtube channel as if i was uploading a video except its called PrankTube :smiley: i hope that makes sense :joy:

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Thanks for this background! I have been searching for one for a while! :slight_smile: Would it be alright if I used it?

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Is it okay if I use your backgrounds and Overlays and credit your forum name?

Thanks :)))))))))))))

omg these are just what i have been looking for! can i use them in my story?

@abygail.bauman am I alright to use the background in my story? credit will be given :sparkling_heart:

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Mind if I use?

These are perfect for my new story! Can I use them? :blush:

I am going to use! Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you! I’ve been looking everywhere for a desk overlay!

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can I use these?! omg :heart_eyes:

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This background is absolutely perfect! Could I use this for my story? :blush:

I love the computer from a different angle! Can I use this in my story?