New computer desk background for y'all 😊

Heyyyyy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Here’s a new computer background/overlay you all can use. I don’t require credit, all I require is you let me know you’re using it :smile:

If you wanna check out the other backgrounds I’ve made/edited, here’s the link to a Google doc. Once you read the rules, scroll to the bottom and click on the link- it’ll lead you to my Google drive Google doc

Background with overlay (NIGHT)

Background without overlay (NIGHT)

Background with overlay (DAY)

Background without overlay (DAY)


Much love xoxo


Oh and here is the computer at a different angle :blush:


I might use your locker background, though I’ll color it blue.
Idk if ill use it, but I am writing a high school story
so, thanks!

Hey do you take request for backgrounds?

Alrighty (((:

I do

Marked as solved and closed. Thanks @abygail.bauman

Reopened and marked as unsolved. @abygail.bauman no need to mark a thread with no question as solved. Thanks all!

Okay, can I message you about it?

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could i use this laptop background please and would you be able to put something on the screen for me please :d

I mean I can try haha

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thank you i hope it wont be too much trouble i just want it to look like a youtube channel as if i was uploading a video except its called PrankTube :smiley: i hope that makes sense :joy:

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Just message me with the details (:

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Thanks for this background! I have been searching for one for a while! :slight_smile: Would it be alright if I used it?

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Is it okay if I use your backgrounds and Overlays and credit your forum name?

Of course (: And I don’t require credit, all I ever ask for is for the person to ask me or let me know- which you did (((: feel free!

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Thanks :)))))))))))))

omg these are just what i have been looking for! can i use them in my story?

@abygail.bauman am I alright to use the background in my story? credit will be given :sparkling_heart:

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