New contesttttt!

Hey lovelies!!! I wanted to host a little contest! This is a little different than most so I hope your interested! For This, all you need to do is tell me your New Years resolution! :partying_face:
Mine is to be nicer and more social.
I’ll pick the best and funniest one to be my winner.
The winner of the contest get any type of artwork (other than overlays and backgrounds) from me!:grin:
I’ll leave the winner below and I’ll message them!
If you didn’t make it but I still liked it, it will be added in my bio as a quote from you!
Hope you enter!!!:partying_face::confetti_ball::tada::upside_down_face:


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Sorry if I tagged u and u didn’t want to be. I just copy someone else’s tag list

Ps if u don’t wanna share, make something up! :upside_down_face: just make sure its funny
Pps yes I know how random this is


My new years resolution was to actually accomplish something.(I’m a major procrastinator and I wanted to make a story).

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my resolution is to tell people to fuck off more


My new years resolution is to drink more water like my body be looking like a desert on the inside like it’s crazy :joy:


Ugh honestly my New Years resolution is to be more awesome (and I mean I’m already like pretty awesome but this year I wanna top the awesomeness charts)
And I’ll go through with this one fairly easily :wink:


My New Years resolution is to be less rude and less gossiper!!


mEanWhiLe I’m flooding my body with waTer

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:joy: mentor me, i’m like an internal drought


Mine is to be a advanced coder not in episode

My new year resolution is to:
Think less depressing thought
Do more exercise(I think I’m getting fat :sweat_smile:)
Actually do my new year resolution instead of forgetting it tomorrow.

Random contest! Anyway…

I have a short list of people I don’t want to be friends with anymore because they annoy me, so my new years resolution is to get rid of them :imp:


My new year resolution is to be less introverted, be able to publish my two stories, and ignore the haters :blush: :wink:


yeah toxic people should be disposed of

Well, my first new years resolution is also to drink more water- but I do have another one, since this is taken- (literally, I don’t drink water for 20 hours, then I remember suddenly when I get thirsty, then I end up drinking something else)
My new years resolution is to sleep earlier. (Mainly because I fell asleep for the first time in my life in class yesterday since I was way too tired and I lost electrical devices for it) :hot_face:

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My new years resolution is to be less problematic