New cover 4 criminals love



Hey guys
This will be the new cover of A Criminal’s Love
Only waiting for approval
Cover creates by @episode.vel What do you think about it??
Read the story


Its really good…I’m going to check your story out now! :slight_smile:


I can’t find it. :frowning: What’s your name on the episode app?


Just press the rectangle up there


I can’t. The forms only works on my computer and not my phone so I have to try to look it up when I want to find a story.




Did you but A criminal’s Love ???


Yeah…But they were all different ones I’m going to try again!


You want me to press it and tell you how it looks like :slight_smile:


Yes please! :slight_smile:


i found it I think is it A Criminals love:obsessed?


Yeah it is


Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:


Thank you
Title: A Criminal’s Love
But you will see an old cover
If you read it I would also like to get feedback and I’m also up for r4r


I started it but I did not pay no mind to my phone being almost dead so I am charging it and then I will read more I made it half way through Chapter 1 and my batter beeped! :frowning:
But it’s charging know and almost ready! :slight_smile: If you want you can check mine out! It’s called Alone Till There was you! It dose not have a small cover yet because it’s not approved but this is my big cover!


Ole… no problem
I’ll read it later
I’m from suriname and it’s almost 00:16 here
But sure ill check out your story later


Okay I will message you once I had read more of your story! I’m from Kentucky so its 11:08 pm here. I always like feedback as will! :slight_smile: