New cover for a new story [Still looking for people]

Okay, so ya girl needs a cover for her story… but dis not no ordinary cover.
I don’t wan’t a cover that looks like and edit, I want it to be drawn because my character should be face in the front view and not the 3/4ths view. (a.k.a the only and default view of the head for episode characters.)
The girl should be facing in the front view, she should be yelling while crying. I don’t want to show her full body. Just up to the shoulders. The title should be The Monsters In my Mind, in a creepy don’t you can find. The background should be black with red eyes (you know like how you saw it in all those old cartoons)popping out, but no face, just the eyes. Here’s the picture of her.

The picture after this is an example of front view. 15%20PM