New Cover for LL Story

I was wondering if there was anyone willing to make me a new LL large cover for my story? My story has taken a different direction then in the beginning and I’m also looking to enter my story in the EpyAward so I figured a change would be good.
I know there are a lot of artist that do by commission only, but I honestly don’t have the money to spend so if there’s anyone that’s willing to do it for free with of course credit being given on the cover, I would super appreciate it!
Anyone interested can message me for the character descriptions. It will have 3 character, 2 male and 1 female and tattoos and piercings would be a super plus.
Thanks so much :slight_smile:


I’ll do it! I don’t need anything in return.

Are you totally sure? I always feel bad asking lol.

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Nah I’d be happy to bro

You :wink:

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I’ll message you with the details. Do you want screenshots of the characters as well? Or just the information?

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I would prefer pictures of the characters but I don’t mind. Also what is

No problem! And it just means you’re awesome :smiley:

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Ok haha thanks :joy: