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hey there, I a m a writer on the episode platform and I am in need of a new cover for my story. as I have no way of paying anyone I cannot commission. I would appreciate if someone could take the time to make me a cover

dnmnm its been a while since I have request for anything snmnsms

anyway , what I request for is a limelight cover with two characters looking at eachother, the female looking in love with him and the male looking absolutely crushed. you can choose whatever colours you want on the background.

males details:

body: neutral 04
brow: straight medium- black
hair: slicked back solid - black silhouette
eyes: deepset downturned- brown light
face: male generic
nose: round wide
lips: full heart natural - tan deep natural

body: neutral 01
brow: round thin high-strawberry blonde
hair: long straight loose solid- honey blonde
eyes: deepset almond -blue aqua
face: diamond
nose: round borad
lips: round full pouty red mattee

outfit for garrett:
shoes: oxford cap toe leather black
pants: wedding uniform cotton grey dark cool
watch: minor faced watch leather grey black
shirt: Victorian set shirt button up shirt cotton blue navy

outfit for Lilith:
shoes; heals retro strap leather white
watch: strapped accented watch face pink peach
earrings: leaf motif double hanging earrings metal rose gold
dress: choker floor length rose v neck dress purple lavender
tattoo:skull and roses arm tattoo

You need to state details and no one is gonna reply because of that.

Ooop thank you I forgot to add detial

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Limelight, INk, Classic
Character Details
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please check my forum. or another art forum. you have more luck doing that than making a forum. if you search on already existing ones

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okay well I edited my post so it should be fine now

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