New cover needed for my story! (CLOSED)

Hi guys!!
I’m looking for creative people who enjoy making covers :slight_smile:
I have a story that’s called Toxic love, but the cover kinda ruins it. I made it myself really quickly and idek the first thing about editing so I’d love it if someone would like to make a cover which isn’t as hideous as the current one lmao. Of course I’d credit you at the end of every episode :relaxed:
I don’t have any requests (except that it has to do something with the titel lol) but further you’re free to use all your imagination.
Hope to get a reaction from someone!! I swear I could wait for an eternity and still hope for any kind of response because this cover is making my heart cry.
If you have any interest in reading my story btw here’s the link:


I would recommend:

They are all AMAZING artists!!


I can do a cover if needed :woman_shrugging:

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Thanks :slight_smile:


Oh, and if you want to use the MC’s in the cover here are the details:
skintone: caramel
brows: smooth arch
hair: straight
hair color: black
eyes: upturned feline
eyecolor: blue
face: soft heart
nose: upturned
lips: full round
lip color: terracotta

skin tone: light
brows: medium sharp
hair: short cropped
hair color: black
eyes: stoic almond
eye color: blue
face: defined triangle
nose: roman
lips: classic
lip color: terracotta

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Wow I’m shocked I didn’t think anyone would reply within a year. Thank you already!!

Who do you want to do it?

I don’t have any preference, but you replied first so if you’d want to do it, it would mean the world to me :slight_smile:

Sure :slight_smile: do you have a picture of the characters and like they’re outfits?

Is it okay if I send it tomorrow? Idk where you live but from where I’m from it’s getting pretty late haha :smile:

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Oh ok that’s fine :slight_smile:

ChecK my thread its Star-rae’s art thread