New Covers and Art Scenes Needed

I’ve recently republished my story The Billionaire’s Waitress
I’m looking for an artist who can draw all my covers and Art Scenes for the whole story
Must be free though and must be drawn


Maybe my art shop could help you?
More examples on my Instagram!

i just need a cover for now

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You can comment down the details at my art shop if you don’t mind waiting a bit.
If not I know that @ChristinaCh knows some more free artists free at the moment! :green_heart:

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@LISAANNEMARIEE i can help if you would like

Thanks for tagging me, @KikiMoon :hugs::two_hearts:
Hi @LISAANNEMARIEE! Hope you are doing well :hugs::two_hearts:

You can check the following ones →

@Frey.251 does drawn art scenes & covers
& @OCEANIA does drawn pfps (I apologize if I forgot someone who does drawn arts in this art shop as well)

There are, for sure, and others, but I can’t remember atm :sweat_smile:

Hope you have a good day/evening/night :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Take care,
Christina <3


Thank you for tagging me @ChristinaCh :blob_hearts:

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I would love to help you out
Here are some of my examples


Let me know if you’re interested :blob_hearts:

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