New. Created 3 Episodes, how to publish/choose cover? *Edit: Solved!


Hi all. I’m new to this, I’ve been reading for a while but I’ve recently created a story and I’m ready to publish. I’m on mobile and have been able to do pretty much everything but I can’t seem to find the publish button. It’s nowhere to be found. I tried looking at my account through my computer but of course because I started it on mobile it doesn’t show up.
I’m also wanting to customize or create a cover for my story but I don’t see that option either… help?


I can help with the cover part. I’ll have the cover by the end of the day.


U cant make a cover on Mobile created story. U can publish it tho! I think theres a video on YouTube on how to do that




I can help you with the cover—aka making it.


OKAy, there is a list of stories, image


image Click on that, and then move the mouse down, while still having clicked on it and NOT letting go of it, to find the title to your story after that, click on the title of your story and there you should be able to find your story, if say that you cannot publish, go to your script and check is you can see this: image

If you see this and the number 400 on it, you probably have an error, some things in mobile creator give out an error, if you can’t, you do not have enough lines to publish, you need to add 400 lines in each episode and you 3 episodes to publish. Anymore questions?



Solved and closed. :wink: