New creators.. Come here!

Yeah, i am quite new to the whole writer portal thing… so i thought people like me could come here and just help each other out and review each others stories.
I do also hope people with experience with this sort of thing do come over and help us out a bit.


No problem! I am not quite new but I am no expert so hopefully I can be of some assistance or consolation for those moments when Episode tells you you’re making a mistake :smiley:


Thank you very much :grin:


Not very new here, but always happy to help if someone is in need. I’m pretty okay with coding, but writing is my forte. Happy to help :smile:


I can help you im not new but not an expert eithar

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I stumbled across the bruised face look when editing characters on Epi interactive. It was under face shapes as Cade Bruised but that’s just for the Cade face shape so if your using say, Square Jaw, then it doesn’t really work. On a related note, I’ve been wondering how they put say a trickle of blood from the nose or lip when someone gets punched.

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Do you know how to add the overlays in general? I’ve been struggling with this as well.

I’m not new here, but us creators gotta help and stick together :slight_smile:

I’m not new either, but there’s always something new to be learned! :smile:

Hi! Adding overlays to the story is like spotting characters except the number coordinates are ordered differently.

Ex. EXT. PHILADELPHIA TIMES BUILDING - NIGHT with MACHINE GUN in zone 2 to 0.082 126 234

When you copy and paste the background that you chose…
Like according to the example, let’s say that you chose the background to be EXT.PHILADELPHIA TIMES BUILDING - NIGHT_okay? Then you want to add this overlay of a machine gun… You would include with MACHINE GUN next to the background of your choice. And after that, you would put the number coordinates like you would spot direct the characters. Put the overlay in basic spots first. Like EXT.PHILADELPHIA TIMES BUILDING - NIGHT with MACHINE GUN in zone 2. If you want to apply the overlay in a specific spot. Go to Directing Helper and click on Overlay helper. Then click on Switch tool: Move. The numbers underneath are the coordinates you need in your script.

EX. @overlay 5324608647462912_MACHINE GUN shifts to 126 234
@overlay 5324608647462912_MACHINE GUN scales to 0.082 0.082

In the script… this is how you would apply the coordinates in the script.


I hope the example from my script gives you the idea :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, so I just published my first three episodes yesterday, and I’d love some feedback from anyone willing to give it. I’m a bit of a perfectionist sometimes and I want to know if the story flows well now that it’s not in my head anymore. Plus I’m not a coder by any means, so directing this has been an experience. The title cover is the generic fantasy one right now cause for some reason it didn’t come through when I hit publish. Thanks in advance
Title: Crossing Borders
Author: ChristaLynn
Genre: Fantasy
Description: Kiley has lived her whole life happily in a secluded colony deep in the jungle, but thing’s are about to change when she learns of the dangers beyond the border.

Hi Jelly, I’d love to do a read for read with you!

This is my story:
Title: Recovery in 5
Author: DestinysTragedy
Style: Limelight
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 8 (ongoing)
Description: Two years ago your 3 year relationship ended suddenly. What happens when he comes back into your life unexpectedly while you’re pursuing your dream career in physiotherapy? (CC)
IG: destinystradgedy

And definitely if you have questions about directing, feel free to ask me! I’ve done a lot of messing around and figured out a few things and I’m always willing to help others out!

I already read the entire guide and it says if you want to delete a story there should be a red button but I can’t find it. There’s a red button to delete characters when creating them but I can’tfind the one to delete a story

That red delete button is only there if you do not have any written chapters. But once you start writing in your script and click on save, then that delete button goes away and you can no longer delete your story.

Does anyone here know how to add overlays in the middle of a scene?

You use the create command


You are so fucking helpful.


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I desperately need the bruised face look but cant seem to find it under face shape =/ I’ve read that it’s only available for males and/or as an overlay. Is this true? I am writing my first story, first episode so I’m still learning. If anyone has recommendations to help me find a bruised face please let me know!

Go to

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