New Customising Format - Problem

Hey guys, so everyone who uses the portal might know about the new customising format. It’s kind of like the one that you can do on the phone… But It doesn’t show what the name of the skin tone is for that section? And it’s hard to determine what shade it is because a lot of them are quite similar.

I think we should just have little titles of the skin tone just like everything else… also that would be nice with the hair colour and lip colour.
Please support this… It’s really annoying!!

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Or… ya know just reset the whole thing back to normal and that would be great too. :slight_smile:

If you hover your mouse over the color, the name of the skin tone will pop up I think.

@AutumnTea I have that new update too

Yes that is correct it does show names of the all colours when you hover over it.

Oh wow… I feel so stupid now, but THANK YOU SO MUCH!! That helps so much omfg-