*NEW EA* - *REGULAR UPDATES* - #lbcreateme


Ive created a new EA for not only editors to use, but for everyone!

You can use for editing assistance as it’s mainly comes in handy for that, but why not have fun just creating your own characters and using the ‘selfie booth’ and take snapshots of yourself and your characters! :grin:.

I am currently working on the INK release, which will happen before the end of the week, and I promise to always update regularly!

There’s several outfit choices, more to be uploaded weekly, tattoo options and non tattoo options
Selection of backgrounds
Options of multi character - up to 4 characters (so far) - I plan to go up to 6.
I’ve uploaded all the animations I can, and plan to add more with new episode updates.

Why not check it out on the link below

Here’s some screenshots of it too!

Check it out and If you like it, follow me on @lb.epy.edits where you have access to the suggestions form (from my bio) and regular updates on what’s new to the link!

Got any questions, Dm me or pop your question below :grin:.

Have fun using, and if you repost don’t forget to give credit to @lb.epy.edits and #lbcreateme

Thanks for reading ! - enjoy your day! :kissing_heart:


wow I’m amazed :cat_shocked:
did it hurt your hand writing this?


And it definitely did! haha, hurt my head more. SO confusing!
But I’m glad it worked out! :smiley:



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Is there ink?


I’m working on the ink one. The female ink one should be ok, still working on the male side.

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How do I credit you? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just in your post or in your highlights :slight_smile:

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