New email so longer story process

So basically, this is how it goes, i got a new laptop for my birthday so i have to log out of everything on my old laptop and get things transferred to this one im using right now.
However for episode writer portal, ive logged into a new email so all my other stories are not on this email.
What i trynna say is that,

My story is gonna take a bit longer to be published as i have to start all over again… Please don’t worry i will make sure i get it published soon and credit you, just please leave your Insta or what you want me to tag you for when commenting.
E.g If you don’t have insta i can tag your Forum user xxx

Sincerely xlilMissy101x :pray:t4:


no problem. Take your time. :wink::raised_hands::fire:

Instagram: @lanafrazer.episode

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It happens. Take all of the time you need. My Instagram is @amealia.episode

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It happens

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thank you all for understanding

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No worries! Take your time! I don’t mind waiting :wink:

Tag me here on the forum user

No problem! :blue_heart: I’m not active as much on Instagram so you can tag me here if that’s okay or it doesn’t if you do Instagram I just won’t see it quicker

@leslie.giselle04 on Instagram

That’s totally fine, take as much time as you need. My insta is max_sedman

@Sydney_H please close

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: