New Episode Account

I recently changed my phone from Android to IOS and I had to make a new Episode account. As you know when you start playing it you have to play the original stories made by Episode WHICH ARE MORE ANNOYING THAN I REMEMBER. They could be so good since they know how to make them perfect but 29 gems for wearing an outfit? I had to wear a sweather at the beach because I couldn’t afford a swimsuit!!! And the options with your love interest are basically “pay 29 gems and kiss him” or “punch him in the face and and beat his mother”. Can’t wait to get to the stories made by the players…

If you click on a link provided by a community author for their story, you can read it without having to read the episode original stories first. In fact, the chapters of the community story you read will count towards the number of chapters you’re required to read before you unlock access to community stories. Hope this helps. :wink:


Yep as the above comment said you can bypass that unlocking thing by having the link of any community story then reading it

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thank you sm :heart:

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I hate those stories I had to waste 29 gems over an ugly outfit I didn’t like

I know the choices are so stupid i was watching this girl playing episode and she said she was going to save her gems cause she new episode was going to pull some thing like oh you just tripped over your dads life support plug it back in for 400 diamonds or say good bye

how many do you need to read? I came back to episode after some year and I don’t want to read originals

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I don’t know what the number is now. I just know that in the past when a friend downloaded the app to read my stories, they were able to click on my story link to go directly to my story and that it counted towards the number of episodes they had to read to unlock actual browsing access to community stories. My advice would be to find a long story someone has published a link to that looks interesting to you, read it, then see where you are when you go to the home page of the app. I think the more you read, you are then enabled to “unlock” more original stories. Once you have unlocked a certain number of original stories, you have access to community stories. But it’s been a while since I’ve done it personally, so the process may now be different.