New episode app

So who’s tried out the new (but currently in development) episode app? :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve just downloaded it. Also just a little thing to add, I know that because of the new guidelines there’s been a lot of change and a lot of mess about but I really think we should cut the Episode crew some slack. They provide free resources for us to use to create our stories with, we literally pay for NOTHING (Episode crew? Please don’t change that :pray:) They’re constantly working hard to create new updates, they create fun ways to keep the Epi readers and story writers engaged in the app, they have Lord knows how many stories, art scenes, overlays, covers etc. To filter through, read through, chapter by chapter and review. I think there should be a bit more appreciation for the Episode crew. Thanks guys, keep on with the awesome ideas and updates :heart:

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I can’t to find it,can you please help?:sparkling_heart:

She got early access

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It’s early access

Is the app kinda like the old campus crush app? Where it’s just one story or can you not say? :thinking:

So far it looks like it works in the same way as the current episode app does. When you start out you have to read a certain amount of chapters to unlock more stories and then eventually you unlock everything on the app, just like on the other episode app. I think it’s like a twin to the other episode app, just it allows mature stories

I got the early access too! I’m about to check it out!

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How do some people get early access and some not? Is it just through random selection?

I think its for everybody. It wouldn’t say early access for nothing. So, yeah! :blush:

It’s not. Apparently it’s only available for those on androids and that are in the US and UK.

oh ok

Ahh ok

Wait so… is this the mature version of the app??

No, this isn’t the mature app.

Ahh I thought it was…

Ok I’m kind of confused. There’s two separate ones here…

can you write as community writer there even if you don’t have the app in your phone? I wanna write there but don’t know the writer portal and I don’t have early access