New Episode Author!

Hey guys, I’m new to forums and of course starting my first story very soon. If you have some tips that are useful when creating a story please reply! I would love if anyone wants to chime in and help out with whatever you can. I do indeed have a few thoughts in mind so if you’d love to hear them let me know. My insta is @xxbabyarxx and I’ll definitely give credits. Thank you and hope to get some feedback very soon!


I can help you out if you want too!!

I’d love to help you and be your friend! Please :pleading_face:

I don’t have instagram :confused:
can I still help?

Oh most definitely lol do you have anything else lol

Oh ok ignore me then lool

Lol don’t worry I was literally in the middle of replying to you as well!!! :blush: :sparkling_heart:

If you guys have any other socials it’s completely ok with me it’s just I’m new here and I’m still getting the hang of Forums

why is so much lol There?
and no, i dont have any social media. periodtt

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Aaah ok we can figure something out :face_with_monocle:

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I’d honestly love to make new friends as we write together so please be patient with me :pleading_face: :sparkling_heart:

r you talking to me? :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

Both of you actually :sparkling_heart:

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If @Sofiaxrosay is interested, maybe we can make a group here and work. And I can always want to back off for many reasons :confused::confused:

this comment was a little emotional i felt bad here :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Awe same I would love for her to help tho :disappointed:

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The group thing is also completely fine by me I don’t mind but the question is how will we make a private chat for just us to create a team🧐

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we can make a private chat of multiple people!

Perfect but I’m not sure how to make it tho

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I’ll make it!