New Episode Dress Feature On Our Avatar App?!🤔🌻

Hi guys!:two_hearts::sunflower: if you guys reading this may i ask?!:thinking: Recently someone Followed me on my episode Avatar And i See that She has A New Style So i Tried to search on my own avatar But i didn’t saw what her avatar/character’s wearing
Here it is!:arrow_down:

New outfit?

Sorry guys if you don’t perfectly understand because english isn’t my main language :joy: if someone knows or someone Has updated their own avatar help me pls?!:thinking::two_hearts: And Can someone Explain me why i can’t find that Outfit?!:pensive::sweat_smile:


I know me to honestly like I understand what you mean and idk at all either I wish

does your avatar has a new outfit like that?:thinking:

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sis no at all and I saw someone with to and I was like were is this honestly same with animations to like where is the whatever animation and others to I don’t understand :exploding_head:


i don’t understand why we dont have an outfit like that😂 maybe we can ask @Sydney_H and @Nick

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true like do we have to pay for them or something like why others have this haha like I want cool stuff ahah

i don’t think she Pays for that outfit i think its a bug :thinking: or you have to update the app but no wonder my Episode app Was updated but Still i can’t find the outfit!:pensive::two_hearts:

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same here thought I update it when it needs to but still none of this

But i loved her Outfit i hope episode finds a way to clean the app!:pensive::two_hearts:

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me to and same tbh :confused::sunflower:

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@Nick @Sydney_H do you guys know about this problem at avatar outfits?:thinking::heart:

Someone told me they got an exclusive outfit (not this one though) for spending gems on an outfit in Love on Fire.

I however did not get an outfit for spending gems on an outfit in Love on Fire :confused:


I really loved the outfit but i can’t find it on my avatar!:joy: but i think its a bug!

Hello @miles.episode, I’m just the forum moderator, so I would recommend that you ask our support team via help ticket :slight_smile:



she bought it in a gem option which also allowed her to keep it in her profile avatar closet. the whole thing is probably in beta testing so it’s not available for everyone. it is not a glitch for i have seen a lot of people wear new outfits that weren’t originally available.


idk. I see some people with ink avatars as well…mystery!

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IK! that was my reaction too

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