New episode featured: Married to my boss, another dangerous story?

Hello dear fellow episodians,

Today I’m yet again trying to revive the trend of making threads on episode featured/original stories when their particularly problematics or when their exceptionally good (some of them are pleasant )

This Time the topic is:
Married to my boss

“Thrown out of your apartment while struggling to keep things afloat, your very arrogant but extremely handsome boss makes you a tempting offer: to marry him. Will you be able to keep things strictly professional and uphold your side of the bargain, or will you find he’s more than he seems?”

The plot is something viewed countless time on this platform. But my real concern is about the kind of relationship this story promote on this app that is very restrictive on certain areas to protect younger readers.
Not only they don’t share any chemistry at all, but their relationship is a great exemple of what abusive relationship might looks like in the beginning.

I just don’t understand how they fell in love. They don’t know a single thing about each others, they didn’t spend any quality time together and were never close. Their « personalities » clash. Not once did he said something nice to her… only to point she didn’t looked athletic. The MC is bland and have serious jealousy and self esteem issues.

The LL… the Ll is clinically insane. All he did was stare at her silently the whole story, belittling her, didn’t show any interest at all. But was pathologically jealous of every man approching her…
Only kissing without her consent or to make her shut up… He doesn’t love her as a person but possessed her as an object.

If someone ever treat you like that in real life, run as far as you can, it won’t end well for you… this is typically the comportement of people who abuse psychologicaly or physically their partners …

He went as far as framing her at the airport to prevent her from leaving the state ???

here are some screenshot of this epic moment :

I leave you here for now :wink:
With Love, Louve


Well, I’m speechless.
To think about how many authors get their story removed for “breaking the guidelines” often times even unfairly so and then this story gets approved…why? just, why?


Not only it has been approved but episode bought it and thought it was a good idea :sob:


Hypocrisy at its best.


This is a friendly reminder there was a pay not to get :grapes: in chapter 1. before mass complaints were sent. so they removed the gem choice. btw its against the rules to have to pay to get out of sexual situations.

no you didn’t get :grapes: if you didn’t pay, but the readers didn’t know that. which yeah obvisly episode wouldn’t do that but it was still pay for it option.

for more information.


I absolutely agree. I’m only tapping through the storyline for the gems after each chapter. Otherwise I wouldn’t even give the book a glance. I seriously despise the LI. He’s just silent as you said and does nothing but belittle her in his mind. And the storyline…that’s just a no go area, man.


Thank you for creating this thread, I finished the story just to come on here to look for a thread that spoke about this! When she came off with a knife, I was like ok maybe it was the “mean girl” who organised this but I was like “why would she want her to stay?”

Then finding out he did this, I was like wtf! Like this is real crazy sh*t

And as you said, if there was a male in the near presence of her then he would accuse her of “cheating” but he was too close with the “mean girl” if we are accusing anyone of “cheating”. Like she was talking to the lawyer and he got upset. Like what? That is your lawyer! Don’t you trust him and also why blame her when you sent him round.

The only good thing he did the entire story was buy her the coffee machine. So buying her love essentially.

Idk why episode works with this author, I know her stories are oh so popular but they always have toxic LI’s and themes of as line said :grapes:

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Also bypassing the disgusting themes, I paid for stuff in that story and the scenes or things I paid for lasted like 2 seconds. :roll_eyes:

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I knew Episode’s gem choices were bad, but to the extent of :grapes:?? When you look at the details of the app on any appstore, the age rating is 12+ There are literal CHILDREN that use this app. I’m surprised there aren’t more people calling them out for things like that. Those same children that use the app might end up thinking such things are okay.


I went to check the guidelines for that, and found this:

“e. No descriptions or depictions of non-consensual sx. Through content or through choice selection, the readers must be able to give consent to having sx or performing s*xual acts (i.e. reader must always have the option to turn it down without punishment or judgment)”


While I don’t read Episode stories, this is disgusting. I’m a parent, my child is 13. I would never allow him to read on Episode’s app for this very purpose. I do not want him reading stories like this and thinking that it’s how “real men” treat women OR anyone else for that matter.

Episode has always been hypocritical about their “guidelines”. When I did read them, I saw several stories that had choices that pressure readers into uncomfortable situations, ridiculous gem choices and overall toxic af characters.


episode, that’s just nasty. One of their episode original stories had a full on s*x scene in it (In the narrations, the people were just kissing), starting to think this is just their thing, what’s the point of having guidelines when they don’t even follow them-


It’s really fascinating to see how they are currently interpreting their own guidelines. Lately, they’ve been overly broad when it comes to what constitutes “graphic/explicit” violence. My guess is this is because with the pandemic over, the US is back to having a school shooting every couple of weeks, so they’re being extra cautious about anything that could be considered “violent” and may be possibly triggering, but that’s just a guess. Meanwhile, there’s the guideline posted above, which seems to be getting inconsistently applied. They removed the forced prostitution gem choice after an uproar, but the problem is it never should have been allowed in the first place. That’s a very blatant breach of the guidelines, so either the story wasn’t reviewed before it was released (which I find unlikely), or worse, it was reviewed and deemed okay. Technically speaking, an argument could be made that since it wasn’t a certainty that that’s what was going to happen (despite it being heavily implied), and you don’t see it happen, that it was never the intent and therefore okay because he was actually talking about walking in the park and being seen together, or something like that. It’s all in how you interpret the wording. Regardless, it never should have been allowed in the first place because it’s clearly against the intent of the guidelines.

Similarly, it’s mentioned above that the LI kisses the MC without consent, which is considered a form of SA in many countries. But the above guidelines only mention sex itself and descriptions/depictions of it being against guidelines. So, once again, an argument could be made that because it’s involving kissing and not sex, it’s not technically against the guidelines. Though I call total BS on this line of thinking because I had to fix a scene where a character of mine was undergoing medical experimentation, and showing someone performing surgery on her broke the guidelines because they didn’t have consent to touch her. Fair enough, so I changed it. But if that’s not allowed because of lack of consent, something completely non-sexual, then how exactly is shoving your tongue down someone’s throat without consent allowed? I suspect it’s allowed because they know “Romance” stories are where they make their money, and for some reason the trope of the LI dominating the MC by forcibly kissing them or trapping them against the wall is seen as common and acceptable. Which if the MC consented to such behavior, or even showed implied consent through actions and dialogue, could be the case. But in so many instances that just isn’t what happens. So it certainly gives the impression that they have two sets of rules depending on if they think they can profit by allowing the questionable material through. Whether or not that’s what they’re actually doing is immaterial. That’s how it looks from an outside perspective and why so many people complain that they’re hypocritical.


Hey Episode! Girl, You have done it again, constantly lowering the bar for us all, and doing it flawlessly. I’d say I’m surprised but I know who you are.

I’ve given up on featured stories, they are literally the worst, always the same stupid cringy romance story with a mean girl with no real motive, a borderline misogynistic “You’re not like all the other girls” LI, and the most annoying MC with the occasional support of her equally as annoying “bestie”. They don’t even listen to their audience when we tell them we don’t want to read this type of stuff, they just keep producing the same cringy 2018-*ss Wattpad stories that violate their own guidelines time and time again. Then they wonder why they barely have an audience anymore compared to 2016-18. Community stories are eating them up on their own app and they can literally choose to change this but they don’t, it’s sad at how much wasted potential is there.


Is this on Episode Interactive or Episode XOXO? (There’s a difference in that. Episode XOXO is for only paid iOS).

:woman_facepalming: Wow. If this is on Episode XOXO I am too glad I don’t have Episode XOXO. :zipper_mouth_face: This is definitely cheap writing (sorry, but I think the author didn’t took much time for his/her story.)


Idk if it’s on episode Xoxo but It’s on episode, I saw it on the home page


I think it is on Episode XOXO and Episode Interactive :woman_facepalming: :thinking: Because the screenshot taken by @Louve gives me Episode XOXO vibes (that’s why I asked.) But you’re right I saw it on the homepage of Episode Interactive, too. But my opinion still stands. I don’t read featured stories anymore. They are mostly the same, same cringy plot and storyline. And I still don’t get why stories like this end on a 13+ Interactive game. :expressionless:


Thank you, but I would hop on a plane and leave with you. :clown_face: Cringy factor with lots of sarcasm :clown_face:

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I took those screenshots on episode (free version ) :slight_smile:

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I used to be like this, but I needed/ wanted gems and shards unfortunately. I haven’t given any of them my gems (except for the ones I got invested in, which is very little) and I click very fast through them. I’m still not proud of it at times.:pensive: