New Episode Out Now!


It’s out!!

Link below:

Keep Dreaming

Please leave feedback if you can.


That looks potentially interesting. May I ask what it’s about?


I was inspired by @andreaelle story Beyond The Stage.

It’s going to be about the struggles of the group; Dream Dolls, to become a successful girl group.

I was thinking about how many people give up their dreams because people tell them its unattainable, its stupid, impossible etc, so this story is really going to be about chasing your dreams, despite the constant criticism, what fame may do to a person, and overall true friendship over fame.


Oooo, that sounds really interesting! I’m looking forward to when I’m able to read it.


You do realise you’ll have to use this subject to post it when it comes out?


??? What do you mean?


Thank you I’m glad!


You are only allowed to promote your story in a topic like this once


That’s fine! Thank you for telling me!


It’s ok. Maybe you might be able to change the subject title later


Once I get my big cover approved and finish the 3rd episode it will be out!




Thank you for the support by the way!


No problem! I’m really interested in your story. ^^


Big Cover finally Approved once I’m home I’ll complete the 3rd episode and release it to the episode community look out!




It’s up! The link is here!


Yay! I’ll check it out immediately!


Thank you! Please give me your honest opinions on how I can improve it!


I sent you a pm about it ^^