New episode writer - I need friends LOL

Hi everyone.
As you can see by my title I am new to Episode and I have just published my first stories. Like most people I had no idea how hard it would be to get my creations out there and spark peoples intrest. Silly me assumed you published something and all of a sudden people want to read it.

So here I am feeling all loney like nigel no friends. I have added my story info and link to my insta below, if you would like to read my stories or R4R let me know.

Title: Bad Girls club (
Author: Miss.Episode
Style: INK
Genre Love / music
Chapters: 4 and currently working on more
Instagram: miss.episode_xo
Description: Kalani falls in love with the lead singer from a well known band called ‘situation’ will she be able to break down his walls, or is he to far stuck in his bad boy ways?

I also have another story - Drawn to bad
Style: INK
Genre - Love / Gang
Chapters - 4 and writing more
Description: Nevada is the daughter of the gang leader, the only catch? she had no idea. How will she handle the truth if she ever finds out, and what will happen when she finds out the man she is falling for is also part of the gang?


Could you check out my stories?
It’s under the name Giraffe Gina Xo
I’m checking out yours :slight_smile:

We could do R4R

I thought the same thing that when i posted my first story I would auomatically get reads.
But my story is called “Reunited”
Heres the link

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checking it out now :slight_smile:

Sure, i’ll check it out

Hi there! I’d love to read for read! I’ll read your story as soon as I could and send feedback, screenshots. :blush:
My story:
Title: Unexpected Love
Author: Victoria_Smith
Genre: Romance
Number of Episodes: 9 (more episodes coming soon)
Description: Victoria disappointed in love and she completely changed. Is she find love again or she share a bed with strangers?
Insta: @victoria_smith_episode

I’m up for a r4r and I provide screenshots.
Title:The Heart Won’t Let Up
Episodes:6 (ongoing)
Description:Heavenly has been let down her whole life and although she would love to give and receive love, her heart just won’t let up. Will Ace change that or will it all crumble before them?

I am down for a r4r
Title Retaliation
Author- Saka moshood

Hello everyone this is my first time writing a story and my laptop wasn’t working so the first couple of episodes were done on my phone but the story is great and I will be continuing it on my laptop… please continue to read it and I will read yours in return thank you :gift_heart::gift_heart:


Hey !! I’m sharing my story link here…Please read it and comment about it… You’ll like this one maybe…And also I’m up for read for read…:kissing_heart:
And when you complete reading my story please send me screenshot, then I’m gonna start yours reading and also send you screenshot’s…:blush::blush:
Thank you.

Title: Mistaken Connection
Author: Priyanka
Style: Ink
Genre: Romance
Instagram: @writtenbypiku
Description: We all done so many wrong things in our life…But what happend when a best thing done by you unknowingly after a big mistake? Would you keep it or just leave it?:wink: Customize Characters

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Thanks! What story did you read?

cool, what story did you read?
(I have quite a few)

St. Peter’s school :slight_smile:

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I just posted a mystery drama. There is going to be character customization, important choices that will change the story, mini-games, and other things. Oh, and, of course, lots of drama and scenes filled with adrenalin. :smirk::fire:

I’m in for r4r, just dm me on Instagram.
Story title: Blue Orchidea
Author: Ria
Genre: Mystery
Style: Limelight
Complete: No, 4 episodes (ongoing)
Description: Losing my parents because of their mistakes is one thing. Killing my sister is another. They will pay for it!
Link: 1
Instagram: rwriter.epy


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Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: