New eppisode author

So I’m new and have been debating on writting on eppisode but problems being I’m not fully aware of all the coding and currently Im out of a lap top so Id be a mobile creater. Any tips/pointers? ANYTHING??:woman_shrugging::sob::woman_facepalming:

Look at the directing tips here on the forums, don’t be afraid to ask questions, look at the videos on YouTube as they’re very helpful, and practice practice practice. When it gets frustrating, just remember there’s always a solution to your coding issues.


I have some things kinda together already from when I had my lap top but transitioning to mobile is like a nightmare and way confusing

You mean the portal on your mobile?

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Oh lol yeah it’s a headache on the phone because of those little glitches.

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I havent so much had a problem with glitches but coding and stuff is way more complicated then needed.:woman_facepalming:

Yeah it is. I guess it’s because it’s a different operating system or whatever the technical term is. I only use it when I have a quick idea so I don’t forget.

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Yeah I dont have a choice my laptop crashed and im broke cuz the holidays

Oh nooo I’m sorry about that. Fingers crossed you find a solution

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Im really hoping I was 3 chapters away from submitting the forst 15 of my first story.:sob::sob::sob:

Yeah don’t let it stop you. Just have to do it a different way that’s all lol

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I know thank you(: