New epsiode story with no gem choices?




If you want to compare In My Bed with My First Everything, what would you say in terms of… raunchiness?


Budget of a ham sandwich. That’s all can say about it.


Do they have an option to play as a male MC, too? :thinking:

I remember a while back on one of Episode’s posts on Instagram, there was a guy who mentioned he would love to play as a male MC however, I do believe this option is something Episode has never included in their featured stories. That comment ended up getting a lot of likes and Episode even responded to them, so we’ll see what the future holds…

Anyways, it reminds me so much of In my Bed from the screenshots. Yeah, you’re most likely right, they must have made changes to their story in order to fit their own guidelines that they ended up sadly breaking.

Still love Episode because it lead me to so many wonderful people and is full of amazing user stories but come on, they can do so much better. They have the potential and power to dazzle people, they NEED to use that power!!!


No, it doesn’t


Pretty sure it’s still breaking their own guidelines even with the changes lol


Also Joseph Evans wanted to do a featured story with a male MC but Episode is reluctant to because of the large female audience the app has and of course money is their priority


FYI, here’s the Insta story I was talking about:

At least the art is nice, too bad it is supposed to be Ryder Lee (ugh)


Well, hopefully they do follow their own guidelines :thinking: If not, we can always remind them :smile_cat:

Yeah, actually, I remember this post. It was the “City of The Falling Sky” The Seckry Sequence by Joseph Evans post on September 23. He mentioned that it isn’t happening anytime soon and lists reasons for why-these are his words from the post: “There are a multitude of reasons why this isn’t currently happening, those including licensing issues, and a change in the way Episode chooses whether to promote my stories or not (a male MC won’t appeal to those Episode readers who are just there to date hot guys). If things ever change in the future and Episode actively expands away from just romance/erotica, you never know, maybe there’ll be a chance!”

He doesn’t exactly mention that Episode is reluctant, just that their target audience is mostly females, thus they write stories that appeal to their audience the most. Episode might not change the way in which they promote stories, only we can make a difference together. But, it will probably be hard : (

Why is that name so popular? :rofl:

Also, art can never improve a story if the story line is bad : (


Question: why does Golden Boy on the left looks like he just got up from bed during a tornado? And interesting how the girls are taller than the guys.


Interesting thing (not really but still), even though the love interests have the new character features, MC has only the old customisation template, which means that this may be a revised version of In My Bed!


I know!


The girls are always taller then the males by default. It’s just a weird Limelight thing lol


Actually reading the story, this has to be a cruel, sick parody (or homage) from Episode about what they think most community stories are. This is the closest thing for me to read an uber cliche, cringe story - and it succeeded.:fearful::nauseated_face:


I just started reading this.
It’s terrible.
Firstly- emojis are not replacements for punctuation. A crying face is not a period.
Also, if emojis are a feature that’s going to be released in the future, I can really see it being abused.

Secondly- it’s just a remade In My Bed but to their credit, they took out the whole losing-your-virginity-in-a-public-pool bit and also the scene where the bad boy buys the MC sexy black lingerie. The also toned down the bullying towards the “nerd” character.

I read on to episode 2 (I don’t know why). Did anyone proof read this? I really hope it wasn’t meant to be released. Shane refers to the other bad boy (Ryder? I think that’s his name) as Shane SEVERAL times. (So it looks like he’s talking about himself.)
MC asks how their going to get passed (not past) the bouncers.
Oh also “omgomg” isn’t a word… :smirk:

Okay, I’m fairly certain that this wasn’t meant to be released lol. I’m pretty sure some of the “narration” is actually directing commands (e.g “Boys sigh in unison” before the boys sigh in unison- I think that narration should be removed :rofl:).


Yeah I was like what shane is ryder?


Whoever made this was born with a different language or episode is just lazy.




Side note: My avatar defaulted to this but looking at the screenshots, it’s not my profile avatar (I thought it was that command at first) so maybe this story is linked to (or written over) In My Bed? (Since I customised myself there.)




This is on the Episode Official ‘author’ page, where more of Episode’s highly-directed, more polished stories are. Whoever wrote this/in charge of this has little excuse!


Yeah, but I’m wondering if they maybe wrote over “In My Bed” and since they apparently can’t unpublish the story, that’s why it’s still there? (Was “In My Bed” still on their author page before? Or did they remove it?) If that’s the case though, they should have at least locked it lol.