New evermoons art shop! (Semi realistic and cartoon style!) (Free)

if poses people want are complex, you can use this app : magicposer

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I have already uploaded the outfits I want :sweat_smile: The style is winter themed and the outfits are not custom as I wanna use this as an art scene

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I was asking the other person about clothes

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oh sorry :sneezing_face:


good luck with your shop! I might be back later <3

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are you still taking requests? if so:


skin tone: rose 03
brows: straight medium scar
hair: slicked back side shaved tousled (black dark)
eyes: deepset downturned lidded (blue deep)
face: chisled square stubble shaved
nose: male generic
mouth: medium heart


skin tone: gold 02
brows: round medium (dark brown)
hair: long voluminous curls loose (medium brown)
eyes: angular slender (dark hazel)
face: heart soft
nose: grecian soft
mouth: full round pouty

outfits they are currently wearing

pose like this please

this background

any style you feel comfortable with

i hope you will consider my request

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Hi how is my request going? Just wondering :slight_smile:

Can you please let me know when a spot is open? I would love would love to request :blush:

Hi… Can you please let me know when a spot is free… I would love to request :pleading_face: