New! Faintest's Commissions(Custom Backgrounds, Overlays, Art Covers & Scenes, etc.)

Hello, everyone, Faintest here. I take commissions! I do custom backgrounds and art scenes and covers.

Backgrounds: 40USD
(Includes all overlays, night, day and twilight/dusk variation.)

Art Cover/Art Scene: 1-3 characters 30USD

PFP 10 USD (one character, shoulder up only or PM me)

Custom Overlays (3-5 overlay set, depends on complexity)=5-10USD

(If you’re making a mini game, or just can’t find an overlay that more closely fits the art style, I am here for you. You can check my ko-fi to purchase pre-made overlay sets as well. Faintest’s Ko-Fi

Overlay Examples

(All made for my story Murder at Ambrogi Mansion (LL)

Background examples:

Comic Style

Cover Examples




More Info

All commissions subject to my terms and conditions. Faintest's Commissions - Google Docs


Don’t need anything as of now but wow you’re art is gorgeous and your backgrounds look great :smiley:

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Aw, thank you so much! That means a lot to me!

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I know these are commissions but by any chance do you have a BG/Overlay link drive? Because these are good!

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Thank you so very much :smiling_face_with_tear:! I do not have a BG drive at the moment. But I do have a drive of splashes and menu text overlays which are completely free. A few of the splashes are somewhat background like, but that’s about it! Here’s the link to that Free Pre-Made Splashes - Google Drive

A few overlay samples have arrived. :grin: I’ve also extended the discount period since I did very little to promote the first time around.

hey are your commissions open for cover art?

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Hello, yes, my commissions are open.

Aquarium Background and Overlay Set for Sale! Animated, with moving overlays!

New hand-painted background!

Find it here: Faintest’s Ko-fi

Pascual and Esperanza from an upcoming story star in this short for your previewing convenience.


“A Trial Date at the Aquarium” Starring Pascual and Esperanza

Preview Photos

There are two styles.

Style Types and Prices

The Static background, that means a simple episode-style background. Comes with no overlays. This is 15 USD.

The Dynamic Background which comes with all overlays (more than 30 overlays!) and a document with the code to make them come to life. It includes animated seaweed, fish, a whale, and even a manta ray! The creative among you may realize you can zoom in or remove the floor…and well an ocean scene is yours. Take your characters scuba diving. Could be fun. This is 35 USD.

More Details if you need them

You must credit me even with purchase, you are free to play with the code, but if you keep it the same or mostly so also credit me for the coding please! If you totally re-code it because you can code far better than me, just credit me for the overlays.

Still note, the manta ray and seaweed must stay the same to work properly! I animated them outside of the portal!

The code includes music suggestions, just swap and go as you see fit.


@nikkiC.writes I wanted to tag you since I saw you were requesting an aquarium background a few weeks ago. :grin:

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omg! thank you so much xx

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@nikkiC.writes You’re very welcome!


New Backgrounds and overlays on the way. Follow on my instagram @faintest_storytime and on my ko-fi to to get updates!

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Need some interesting, custom overlays for your story? Get some like these to make your story stand out. Some new, custom overlay examples:

Need a flashy app for your story?

What about a custom textbook overlay?

Or a creepy portrait, hiding who knows how many secrets?

If you like these, you can see how they play a role in my story, Murder at Ambrogi Mansion (LL), link in profile!


wow! Your artstyle looks so elegant :heart_eyes: :blob_hearts:

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You think so? Thank you so much, I always worry that it doesn’t look like other digital art so that makes me really happy actually! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Just cuz its not like everyone else dont mean its bad…in fact makes it better(to me anyways)

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Aw, thank you so much :face_holding_back_tears:.

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New examples on the way! Here are some overlay examples in the meantime. Both for my upcoming story, out this week~

Upcoming backgrounds you can look forward to:

Amusement Park

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SALE!!! Hey all, I’m having a big sale for a new story benchmark! Murder at Ambrogi Mansion (LL) has reached 4000 reads. Thanks to everyone who has supported the story so far! In return, I want to show how much I love you all! So, I’m having a flash sale!!!

Backgrounds: 40USD SALE: $15 (depends on complexity)
(Includes all overlays, night, day and twilight/dusk variation.)

Art Cover/Art Scene 1-3 characters 30USD SALE $10

PFP 10 USD (one character, shoulder up only) SALE: $3

Custom Overlays (3-5 overlay set, depends on complexity)=10USD SALE $5