New Fantasy Story, let me know what you think!

I will definitely give it a read!

Thank you! Hope you enjoy it!!!

Episode 4 will be updated this week!

Episode 4 is published!

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Episode 5 is published!

Episode 6 will be out sometime this week!

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Bumping cause this story need more reads.


Just dropped chapter 6!

The Magic Academic System plays an important part in Sorceress’ Heart. I explained it in Episode 4, but I would like to make some fancy-pants edit explaining the system on my Instagram!

The education stage in Magic Schools are not based on a person’s age, but based on what age that they bestowed their magical awakening. A person is only able to have their magical awakening from the ages of 13-15 years-old. There is a 50-70% rate of a 13-14 year old to have their magical awakening and 2% for a 15-year-old.

Students will be learning the basics on how they control their mana energy, make an interconnection with their elemental and learn protective and healing magic.

Students will be learning combat spells, learn about magical creatures, create magical runes and infusing their mana with other casters. Students will be granted access to training grounds (dungeons) and is able to participate the annual sparring tournament.

This will be the student’s final year. The student will be learning advanced magical spells and will be sent on missions in a team or duo.

Mission ranks are categorised in 3 ranks based on the level of importance or the possible danger a student may face on the mission. Being assigned to the type of mission varies on your grades. The higher your grades are, the higher ranked the mission you’ll be given.

Bronze Rank missions entail activities that pose no danger to the student. These missions include collecting pixie dust and help assist citizens from nearby towns who have been affected by severe weather conditions.

Silver Rank missions consist activities such as eliminating bandits, thieves and monsters on the outside of town. This guarantees safe journeys for travellers. Silver Rank missions also include escorting low-tier-grade VIP’s.

Gold Rank missions Lumia concern nation-level confidential matters. The type of missions cannot be disclosed and depends on the situation.

wow ur story just looks great i wanna apreciate ur effort for making it i will definately read this :clapping: :clapping: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:


well can i ask that who made the cover it is really beautiful


I draw everything myself :slight_smile: and all the art scenes/backgrounds/overlays are made by me


Hope u enjoy :slight_smile:

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wow @fluffyrice i would love to and yeah i would definatly read it after watching that trailer

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Episode 7 will be published in 3 days! Check out my instagram for more info :slight_smile:




oh snap 'finna drop errything I’m doin and read :open_book: :eye: :lips: :eye:


The MALE MC of my story (He’s still 15, dem squishy cheeks. The characters will grow up in the story)

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He looks so cute :relaxed: