NEW FANTASY STORY! Need feedback!

Hi! I’m a new writer and just published my own fantasy story on Episode.

Title: Fallen Witch
Genre: Fantasy
Synopsis: Born by defying the work of nature, will you fight for your fate once more or live in nothing but lies again?

Here’s the link

I do read for read and also reviews. If you’re interested, do dm me on instagram @k.sebby (If you don’t dm me first, it’s very hard to keep track of you guys :smile: )



Wow I’m intrigued with your cover. It’s nice! :grin:

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Aw thanks! I was just reading your story Puppy Love and girl it’s funny! :joy::joy: I really enjoy it.

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I can read it now and give you feedback after it, if it’s okay.
Do you want a PM or should I just reply to this?

Btw your cover looks amazing

(3 days later sorry lol but still)

It’s be great if you could screenshot after you read it and send it to my instagram dm. Just to make we communicate easier! :grin: I really appreciate it!

I’m sorry, I can’t read your story, my phone pretty much stopped working and I can’t even open any apps and until I’ll buy a new phone I can’t read anything at all on the app, I’m so sorry your story actually sounds pretty good but I physically can’t open the app or any app (I’m on the forums from my laptop)…
So sorry :confounded:

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