New Feature: Choose Your Speech Bubble Style!


You can now choose your speech bubble style! I am so fricking happy!!!

Pink Style

Purple Style


Me too but I prefer the blue one!


Yes, I like pink & blue.


Pink is my fav…I wish they had a red one though, I’d for sure pick that one XD Who knows? Maybe they’ll come out with an update that allows for different colors of speechbubbles like green, orange, etc-and maybe even let us change the color of the speechbubble per episode-episode 1 is red, episode 2 is purple, and so on. But I’m getting ahead of myself lol! :black_heart:


I love that they added the choice to pick them. It really helps with fitting them to the atmosphere and theme of your story.


Also, I find it hilarious how they call the reader messages “toasters.” I’m unsure why, but I do.


I guess it’s called a toaster because the readerMessage just pops up like a toaster pops up pieces of bread…though I could be wrong XD


Oh that’s actually pretty clever! That must be why.